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Jan. 19, 2013

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Postgame Press Conference Quotes

Lady Raiders vs. Kansas

Coach Kristy Curry

January 19,2012

On being proud of the way Chynna played

“Well just great, our entire bunch, I think the biggest thing is just the will to win, we could see it on her face, from the steal to play, it didn’t matter. She was just going to will them to win tonight. We had a lot of adversity and she really stepped it up. “

On how Casey came out strong, second straight game

“It is interesting, you look at who we have been playing and they can’t decide if they want to put their strongest defender on Casey or Chynna and they really got a problem there. I don’t mean that in an arrogant way, it is just a match up problem because normally you have a number one defender on the perimeter, so it has been a testament to their aggressive mentality and we want to get aggressive early in games.”

On the health of Casey and Jackie

“Casey is ok. It is a dislocated finger on her left hand, and we are having that evaluated but she is great and obviously was good, and we feel good about the prognosis. Jackie is good right now from what we can tell, hoping nothing will show up tomorrow, any swelling or anything.”

On Shauntal’s presence

“I think the thing about Shauntal, is being ready to play. You see every day, if your with us, every day she is getting stronger, stamina wise, in practice, she is able to do more things and it is just great seeing her come back in form. She has just been a huge punch off the bench for us and it is really good to see cause you think about what she has been through and it says a lot about her, to come back. So I am happy for her and her team, she has just been amazing lately. It has been good to see the improvement.”

On turning the ball over and calming the team down

“I think the little things, shortening our passing angles, getting back to the fundamentals of the game, and getting strong with the basketball. I don’t think it was anything about me; we just tried to settle them down, try to simplify some things offensively. One or two pass quick hitters and get the ball in the right people’s hands and keep it simple to try to help them. It is just a credit to the kids for staying poised and calm. “

On going to West Virginia Tuesday

“They are a NCAA tradition raised tournament team and there is no doubt that we are going to go to one of the toughest places to play in the country and they have a great team. They have Dunning inside, Palmer outside, and Chris(tal Caldwell) on the outside. They are three strong and three big time big 12 performers. We have our hands full on both ends of the floor. We are just looking forward to something different and were excited that they are in our league.”

On crowd tonight

“I do want to say how much I appreciate our crowd. Our kids appreciate it so much, absolutely incredible tonight and made a difference down the stretch so we wish we could hug everyone’s neck and tell them how much we appreciate them, but guns up to that crowd tonight, it was pretty special.”

Texas Tech Player Quotes

Senior Chynna Brown

On her feelings when Kansas took the lead

“We have been in this situation before when a team makes their runs and we make our runs, we held our composure, stayed humble, and came back out aggressive.”

On scoring 10 straight points for the team during the stretch

“Coach Curry was telling me to be aggressive and if I have a good look and a good shot, to take the shot, don’t think about it. I was just trying to get open and get the ball to my teammates and I am mainly proud of my teammates. If I score 20 points or 2, it really doesn’t matter, I just wanted the win.”

On feelings of getting the steal

“That was pretty big, I kind of knew she was going to throw it up, and I just snuck in and was able to get it.”

On seniors playing well

“On this team everyone can step up on any given night and like I said before, you don’t have to be a senior to lead, you can be a freshman sophomore, its all about communicating, talking, and everything you do to lead on this team. That is the good thing, anyone can step up, anyone can say something to another teammate and they listen to it. So it doesn’t have to do with being a senior, anyone can lead on this team.”

 Kanas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

On what they did wrong on their end

“We allowed Chynna to find that kind of rhythm and have that kind of bounce in the second half. Her and Morris just switched halves really. We didn’t get onto her and make her work hard enough. She felt good and looked good. And then they just started to take it to the rim on us. It turned into layups, offensive rebounds, and free throws for them.”

On Chynna and her hot stretch

“Chynna has great elevation and great balance, she has worked hard to improve her game and that’s why we had her on an official visit a few years ago and tried to get her to come to Kansas. She is not doing anything I didn’t think she would be capable of doing. She scored in a lot of different ways. She has a great pull up jump shot that she got us with at the end. And she offensive rebounded on us too. Nothing she did today surprised me. She’s a lot easier to guard when she doesn’t have the ball but, we had a hard time keeping the ball out of her hands.”


Kansas Player Quotes

Chelsea Gardner

On keeping the team going after Carolyn Davis stepped out in the second half

“I just had to step up to the plate and be more aggressive at the (five) position”

On her big defensive plays and maintaining her presence in the passing lanes

“I just stayed in the passing lane and got deflections, and had to step on to ball side.”




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