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Jan. 23, 2013

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Lady Raiders at West Virginia

Postgame Press Conference Quotes

January 22, 2013

Kristy Curry

Texas Tech Head Coach

On game overall:

“We felt coming in that we were very similar and had very similar styles. We both really wanted to play pressure defense and have great post presence as well as great guard play. You look at Chynna Brown and Casey Morris and then you look at (Christal) Caldwell and (Taylor) Palmer and it’s just so similar. They like to run a lot of quick hitters and Mike (Carey) does a great job. It’s going to be a tough place to come up and play. We were just fortunate to make a few more plays down the stretch. But they’re a great basketball team and, like I said, we were just fortunate to make a few more plays.”

Q: In that last sequence in regulation, how pleased were you to see Shauntal right there to pick up the loose ball?

“It was just great energy and great effort. We really got some key rebounds. That was a big basket in the short corner there also. Just loose balls and doing everything she could to make a play in whatever part of the game that was. It was huge tonight. I thought our bench in the first half was horrendous and I thought in the second half it was absolutely awesome. (Amber) Battle and (Shauntal) Nobles really stepped up off the bench for us in the second half, I thought.”

Q: What did you tell your team heading into overtime?

“I thought it was very important that we get stops and rebounds. Those are two effort areas. We were fortunate down the stretch to get some stops and box out and not give them some second chance points. If you look at halftime, we had given up 13 offensive rebounds and turned it over 10 times. That’s 23 extra possessions and in the second half we did a better job in those two areas. To outrebound them is just an amazing stat for our group on the road.”



Q: It’s your third road win in conference season – what does it mean to see them become these ‘Road Warriors?’

“Just great character. You know, everybody talks about what great chemistry is and all that starts with great attitude and great character. You can say chemistry all you want but if you don’t have the attitude and character behind it, it doesn’t mean anything. I’m just really proud of our team and what we’re doing right now. But this one doesn’t matter at 12:01. We got to get ready for TCU. I think they’re ability to turn the page very quickly – you’ve got to have short-term memory in this league and they’ve done a good job of that.”

Shauntal Nobles

Texas Tech Redshirt Junior Forward

Q: Shauntal, it’s obviously been a trying year, what was it like being able to make those two big baskets at the end?

“It’s really great – especially since we just won the game. We struggled throughout the game, I know. I just wanted to have an opportunity to make up for it and good thing I got the chance.”

Christine Hyde

Texas Tech Senior Forward

Q: They really dominated the offensive glass in the first half, was that a point of emphasis at halftime?

“Always. We know it’s always a point of emphasis. In the locker room, just (Coach Curry) saying it and coaching it, and we knew we really had to get on it. As a team, we noticed that we were being outrebounded in the first half.”

Q: Once you guys took the lead, neither team could really create any separation – is that about what you thought it would be like?

“Yup. It’s the Big 12. It’s a fight on every possession. So I don’t expect to come in here and blow out teams by 20. I expect a fight every time.”

Q You had a pretty successful night, with a lot of points coming on free throws, was that another point of emphasis for you?

“Yeah. We were tired last year of losing games and then going back to the stat sheet and seeing that if we made our free throws, we could have won. So an emphasis this year was to make our free throws because it is the difference in the game.”


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