Texas Tech - TCU Postgame Quotes

Jan. 27, 2013

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Texas Tech vs. TCU

Kristy Curry

Texas Tech Head Coach

January 27, 2013

On Chynna’s performance tonight

“Just come out and being aggressive, you now, wanting the basketball in her hands, her teammates doing a great job of finding her. It’s just her doing ‘Whatever I can to help my team win.’ She has been doing that for us and I am just excited and happy for her, she has worked so hard.”

On what Texas Tech did that contributed to the win: Points off turnovers or rebounds?

“I think it’s a combination of both. That’s just an effort column where you just out work whoever is next to you in a different colored jersey and I thought our kids really did that in those two categories. It wasn’t our best shooting day and that is something we have been doing a better job with from the foul line and from the field. But when you can control those other two statistics it shows you right there, that your heart is on your business and that’s all you can ask. You just keep shooting the ball. But I thought the other two categories today was something that was just great will on our kids part.”

On struggling in the beginning but winning by 11

“It was just a matter of finding a way to win. It wasn’t the prettiest today, but I thought our crowd was tremendous and really got into it and helped us at critical times. You’re just fortunate to make a few more plays.”

On getting to the free through line a little bit more is that something you’re trying to emphasize?

“Well I think that’s why they play the style they do is because they sit in that zone. So therefore you’re not going to get many free throw looks because of the type of defense they were in. So it’s a credit to Jeff and his team and that’s something they want to make sure they don’t let you do is get to the foul line. It’s very difficult to get to that line and you let it get set all day.”

On the difference of conference play and non-conference play. Seeing something different than in November?

“I think when you look at our team right now, and Shauntal (Nobles) being unhealthy, it was a real blow to us mentally losing Minta (Spears) and it took us a little bit to get our feet under us. To move Christine (Hyde) more inside than we like. We’d like to have her outside, it took us some time to make adjustments to things that were beyond our control, I think it’s been great leadership on our four seniors’ part. We had some great pre season experience, what a blessing that New Mexico experience was, you turn it into a positive, same thing at Arizona State, same thing at Michigan State, with Oregon State being so big. We had a lot of different type systems we played against in the preseason I think that has really prepared us for this now. So we’re drawing from those experiences. The thing about this team is their just preparing everyday for the next one. They’ve got short term memory they’ve been through this league they understand what it takes and understand what got us to this point and what didn’t get us to this point before and so I’m proud of their leadership and their mindset every day.”

On if she is proud of their response after technical foul.

“Definitely. That’s why you try to stay calm and poised because you know this group is going to respond. So maybe in the end it was a real positive for us.”

Texas Tech Player Quotes

Chynna Brown

Senior, Guard

On offensive rebounds

“Mainly just if its up in the air, and if it’s a long rebound, just seeing if I can go get it, then get it. Coach Curry just kept telling me, Christine (Hyde) and Kelsi (Baker), that we need to go hard the board every time so that’s basically what I did.”

On her points in the game

“I wouldn’t say I’m feeling it. Like I said, I don’t pay attention to the score or how many points I score – I just want to win. I wouldn’t have got those points without my teammates giving the ball or me coming off a screen hard, or just rebounds, offensive rebounds and going back up hard to the rim.”

On technique after half

“Coach Curry just said be ready to shoot. Me, Casey (Morris) or Mo (Monique Smalls) – whoever was open to take the shot and don’t hesitate to shoot it. So that is basically what we did. Just catch and shoot, have our feet ready, and shoot.”


Monique Smalls

Senior, Guard

On the technique to playing against TCU:

“We are very aggressive in defense and I think in the first half it was kind of hard because, I know for myself, it was the foul situation. But in the second half, we looked at it and nobody is in foul trouble, nobody is hurt, everybody is good, we’re all healthy, so let’s go attack them. That is what we did. And because of that, Chynna (Brown) was able to get steals, Casey (Morris) was able to get steals, and we were able to get easy shots and fast breaks.”

On feeding Chynna Brown the ball the last 4-5 games:

“It’s been lovely. My assists are just racking up. It’s great to see your outside perimeters that work so hard in the gym on and off in practice, on and off the court just going in and shooting everyday and for it to finally just hitting and working in the play. It just feels great to see them happy.”

Jeff Mittie

TCU Head Coach

Opening statement

“I thought it was a really hard fought basketball game. Tech really does a great job with their pressure on their perimeter, and we knew that coming in. Our guards struggled against that. I thought it was a highly contested game. It comes down to us rebounding and turnovers, we gave up too many offensive rebounds and we turned the basketball over to much.”

On his thoughts on Chynna Brown

“I think she is playing very well right now, this is a player that is really shooting the ball with a lot of confidence and that I thought that her extra offensive rebounds were big for them. We made them miss enough today, our defense was pretty decent, we made them miss enough but they cleaned it up and Chynna with five offensive rebounds gave them some extra opportunities.”




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