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Feb. 5, 2011

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2010-11 Texas Tech Women's Basketball
Lady Raiders vs. Texas A&M (United Spirit Arena, Lubbock, Texas)
Feb. 5, 2011
Texas Tech Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Kristy Curry

On Tech's performance against Texas A&M
"I thought when you look at their team they had three seniors who just did so many little things down the stretch with (Sydney) Colson, (Danielle) Adams and then Maryann Baker's nine minutes were huge. She is the glue of that team, so Danielle Adams is an All-American for a reason she is one of the 10 best players in the country and it would be a travesty if she is not an All-American. Three seniors did what seniors do when you are a top 10 team on the road. They make huge plays for them. You have to credit A&M and not necessarily criticize our kids. I thought they fought hard."

On Kierra Mallard's performance
"I know it is something that she is just going to try to work through. It is all about great effort and great energy with me. We are going to work hard, we are going to sprint every possession and do all the things that we need to do. If not, we are going to come out."

On what Texas A&M did to limit Kierra Mallard
"Texas A&M is physical inside. They run a lot of different people at you, and you have to continue to work and re-work. I think the point there is, you are talking about offensive production. I am more concerned about rebounding and defending and let your offensive game come to you. So, if you are playing hard on the defensive end, you are rebounding you are getting loose balls, you are sprinting from spot to spot, I can handle any misses on the offensive end."

Guard Casey Morris

On her performance against Texas A&M
"I just played with confidence, I guess. I was excited and ready to play just like every other game. I was just open and when I was I took shots."

On believing in her team
"I just feel like we can beat Baylor and Texas A&M, and I have faith in our team. I think everyone else that is with us, the coaches and our team, have faith, too. So, it is just another loss that I feel like we could have won. It is disappointing, but I know we will bounce back."

On moving forward from this loss
"I think we need to pull it all together, and if everyone has their best game you guys will see how good we can be. That time is going to come, I am pretty sure, and we are all confident and we are going to keep our heads up and keep on playing hard, like we have been, and positive things will happen."

Forward Teena Wickett

On defending Danielle Adams "Danielle has great size and uses her body well. She has a nice touch around the rim. It is kind of hard getting around, but it is nothing we can do. We just try to front, keep her off the block and just front her."

Texas A&M Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Gary Blair

Opening Statement
"I was just talking to one of the icons out there. I am old enough and none of you all are, to see Gerald Myers (Texas Tech Athletics Director) play and what a career he has had as a player, a coach and administrator out there. That is something that is very special. I told him he can't retire before me because I just signed up for an additional three years and I am 70. This was a good ball game, a great atmosphere, a good crowd and Kristy's team is playing so hard. How many teams can lose four games and come out with a good game plan and play as hard as they did. I thought (Teena) Wickett, (Monique) Smalls and (Christine) Hyde brought their A-game with them and the three of them were outstanding the whole ball game. They are fixing to change it. We all get this schedule in the Big 12, and all of a sudden you have to go through it. I am going through it now and then my sixth one is Oklahoma coming up Wednesday at our place, and I saw where they just won a close one against Iowa State."

On Texas A&M's performance against Tech
"I think my team is a little special. We can overcome adversity during a ball game and in years past we didn't have the maturity to do it. Well maturity sits with me right here and this was her first start ever. The first time she has played this many significant minutes, but we felt like I had to jump start (Adaora) Elonu, which it worked, she came off the bench and played well. Sometimes it works and this kid right her, we were able to protect her until halftime because of her two fouls because the other two kids were doing a good job on defense. So, that gives me a lot of confidence the next time we play and she played great against (Brittney) Griner, too."

On what adjustments A&M made in the second half
"We went with a triple post lineup to start the second half. I went to the zone because we didn't feel like they had enough three-point shooters to really hurt us unless (Casey) Morris really went off and they ended up going 4-10 but they were contested shots, and we just tried to get physical get the ball to Adams inside early. We made a lot of good passes on our triple post. It wasn't anything Tyra White wasn't doing well, so we played that for about eight minutes and I thought that is when the game changed, when we went from a five point to a nine point lead, but they kept cutting it down on and one plays and doing a good job."

Forward Danielle Adams

On her performance against Tech
"Like coach said, we tried to take the ball inside which I did. I took off the bounce a couple of times but mainly did it inside. I shot a couple of jump shots in the first half that weren't going in and I got in foul trouble, so I knew the second half I had to come out aggressive and just come out and play my game."

On what Tech did to limit her in the first half
"They were just denying me the whole time. Sometimes in fronting me or three-quartering me. So it was kind of hard for me to give the ball to the guards or throw them the ball because they were either fronting or three-quartering me, or they had the upside or the backside."

On making a shot over three defenders
"I didn't even know it was three defenders to be honest. It was a pretty amazing shot. I work on it everyday in practice and throughout the games I hit those shots, so I knew I had to hit it."

Center Karla Gilbert

On getting her first start of the season
"It felt good. In some way it was a motivation to let me know if I do keep doing what I am supposed to eventually it will pay off."




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