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Feb. 12, 2012

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Texas Tech vs. Iowa State

Feb. 12, 2012

Kristy Curry

On big win

Well they are all big from here on out, we’ve got about to midnight to enjoy it and we’ve got to bounce back. There’s got to be a sense of urgency. You don’t get to March if you don’t understand that. There was not much celebrating in the locker room, I asked them why they weren’t more excited. It is more just about business that you’ve got to take care of.

On Kierra Mallard

She will have an MRI in the morning.

 On halftime message and Kierra going down

I didn’t really change my message. We talked about when she went down in the huddle just when family has adversity, the rest of the family has to step up. I told them after the game that I think the thing I am most proud of today is how we persevered through a lot of adversity. Not only did Kierra go down, which is terrible. They you look and Mo goes down, she goes to the locker room and they are probably thinking the worst, and so are we. Just their character today was just outstanding. We had a lot of folks that did a lot of little things that may not show up on the stats sheet, but did a great job.

On Chynna Brown

 She has the ability to really create and be aggressive. She is prepared to catch and shoot, and be prepared to dribble for us. She is not afraid of that challenge, you’ve got to have somebody that wants to score. She just wants she team to win. I liked how aggressive she was, but she always is.

On holding them to 41 points

We wanted to make them uncomfortable, and I thought we did that, absolutely. It was a great effort, anytime you can hold an Iowa State team to that. I thought our change in defense was effective, on our pressure; we would go to our zone. I am not sure they were real comfortable against the zone, I have seen that on film recently and I thought we capitalized on that.

On pulling away at the end of the game

That was huge. It says a lot about our perimeter, Casey, Mo, Chynna, and Christine. I thought Hyde’s minutes were big down the stretch. Just communication down the stretch was important, we were able to make our free throws and keep our heads up. I loved our team today, they showed great leadership.

On changes to the game

Chynna has been playing well, she played well at Oklahoma State. It wasn’t anything Christine had done wrong other than what Chynna had done right. I though Christine was there as a spark in the second half. It is all about team with them, whatever we need to do they are going to find a way to step up.

Chynna Brown

We came out aggressive and shot the ball. We were just trying to rebound and guard, we just needed to get a win.

On shooting well and starting today

Well I shot the ball well today in shoot-arounds, so I found those shots on certain areas of the floor and taking those shots. Most of all, just trying to be aggressive. If the defense was on me I just tried to kick it out to one of my teammates. Starting today, I feel like it didn’t change anything. I just wanted to bring energy and a spark.

On feeling today

We were a little pumped up, the fans helped. The fans that did come out, we appreciate it due to the weather. We just came out together ready to go. We talked to each other and said that we need this win.

Shauntal Nobles

On being play

I just wanted to be aggressive, and match up to their posts well and stop them from getting the ball. It was a good team effort today, and I want to do my best to contribute.

On her mindset after Mallard went out

Step up, be aggressive offensively, set good screens, be aggressive offensively and rebound the ball. 

Head Coach Bill Fennelly

“I thought Tech was really good today defensively. It’s not real hard to figure out what the problem in the game was when your guards are 1-21 at one point, and you shot 27 percent for the game. You aren’t going to beat anyone, especially a good team like Tech. It didn’t matter who we threw out there, we could not make a shot. We only turned the ball over 13 times, I thought we defended ok, rebounds were even. But this game is ultimately about making baskets, when you don’t make baskets you don’t win.”

On difference between this game and the last time out

We made more shots the first time but I thought that Tech was really good defensively. They played a little more zone, a little more three-quarter quart pressure than they did at our place. I thought they were very good, they have a good plan, they are very well coached, they know what they do well. Monique is a good leader at both ends of the floor and gets them organized and makes it hard to start your offense. Ultimately in the league, it any level, so much of it comes down to the guard play. Our guard play today was poor compared to Tech’s. I think at the end of the day, that was the difference in the game.

On shooting three-pointers

We usually shoot quite a few 3-point shots. They did a good job of taking a lot of things away from the basket. It hurts when Chelsea Poppins only plays 25 minutes, she is really only our legitimate back to the basket threat. So when she was out of the game it was hard for us to post up. They kept throwing big physical bodies at us, so the shots that were available to us were more threes. So that is part of it, and we missed five free-throws in the second half, which hurts. When you are struggling to score, you need to take advantage of that. I thought their interior defense was good. Chelsea Poppins being in foul trouble was a major factor.

On guarding Chynna Brown

She is very tough, she is very strong off the bounce. She has steam and can take it to the basket. She, unlike a lot of players, can really stop quick and go up and shoot it. She has a great mid-range game, which in the women’s game you don’t see a lot anymore. It is post ups and drives and threes, she’s kind of got a little more of an old fashioned style.




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