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Feb. 19, 2011

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2010-11 Texas Tech Women's Basketball
Lady Raiders vs. Baylor (United Spirit Arena, Lubbock, Texas)
Feb. 19, 2011
Texas Tech Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Kristy Curry

On getting the win over No. 1 ranked Baylor
"I am so incredibly excited for these kids. It is all about these kids and how hard they have worked, how much they believed in what we are doing and where we are trying to get as a program. This is just another step forward, but we have to understand it is only one win and I think we helped our resume a little bit today."

On Tech's defensive game plan
"I thought the press wasn't getting the steal. We weren't getting the turnover, but what we were doing was making them run their offense with 20 to 23 seconds on the clock. I thought we did a really good job. We actually didn't plan to stay with it as long as we did, but you could tell that, that was really affecting them and our kids did a great job of executing our press back into our zone. It was effective."

On what Tech's game plan was for Baylor
"It was more about what I thought we needed to do to be successful and maybe some things that might bother them a little bit. When you are a great basketball team, when you devise a game plan you have to understand that you want to take certain things away. We were fortunate to do that today. Whether they had a bad day or we had a good day, I am just proud of my kids."

On if this is the best she has seen Tech play
"I think I see it everyday in practice. They have had some great practices and the past two days were incredible. I felt good about going into today, and I think the first thing you have to do when you are playing a Top 10 team is believe you can win, and this group really believes they can win. We obviously went through some adversity and adversity is all in how you handle it. It either works on you or you work against it. We have worked on our adversity and we fought through it. We have a great coaching staff for staying positive, but these kids deserve all the credit. They have done a great job of believing in who they can be everyday."

Guard Casey Morris

On if she thought Tech could beat Baylor
"I don't think we ever had a doubt that we could do it from the beginning. I think we know we can beat Texas A&M, and we know we can beat Baylor. We can beat anybody we play if we play as good as we can. Our team is stacked with talent, so we never doubt ourselves. We always have confidence, and I think we showed it today."

On what has improved for Tech
"I think we have been better all together these past few games of going through and doing what it says in the scouting report and exposing players and their weaknesses. I think we focused on Odyssey Sims. We forced her right, and with other players, we knew who was the driver and who was the shooter. So, we took that away."

Guard Monique Smalls

On hitting a 3-pointer at a critical point in the second half
"I felt pretty good about it. My team has been working hard, and for me to actually help contribute finally was really a good thing."

Center Kierra Mallard

On what her game plan was to guard Brittney Griner
"In practice Coach Kelly (Curry) told us to always move our feet around and every time the ball goes to her we are going to be doubling. So, I think that was a big factor. All my teammates helped me, and I helped Teena (Wickett) when she was guarding her. So, it was everybody contributing."

Baylor Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Kim Mulkey

On what Tech did to slow them offensivly
"I think we got good looks. They played a zone and played the little 2-2-1 back to the 2-3 and slowed the ball game down, and we just missed shots. If you hold a team to 58 points, you are going to win a lot of basketball games. We just couldn't score today. I don't think it is a whole lot of zone, you are going to get looks in a zone, and we just have to hit the shots."

On what her mind set was going into the half
"Well you are positive. You go into the locker room thinking it's going to be all right and it will get better, but it never got better. It never got better."

On if their goals change after this loss
"It has been a long time since we have lost. We will handle this and move on. We have four games left to play, and we are in the lead. Last time I looked, we were still in the lead. Heck yes we are still playing for a championship. Tech is playing to get to the NCAA tournament. I thought they played with a sense of urgency more so than we did, so give Tech all the credit for that."

Center Brittney Griner

On where Baylor goes from this loss
"We still have the same goals, and we are just going to learn from this game and get in the gym."

On if it felt good to get a dunk against Tech
"Not when we lost the game, no."

Guard Jordan Madden

On her defensive performance
"I feel like I could have played better defense. When we were in the huddle I should have listened better than what I did. Instead of being up on a player that drives, I should have stayed down."




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