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Feb. 29, 2012

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Lady Raiders vs. Oklahoma

February 29, 2011

Texas Tech Head Coach Kristy Curry

Opening Statement

First thing I want to do is thank the crowd for their support, they've just been tremendous all year and I thought we had a tremendous crowd tonight and sent the seniors out the right way but we couldn't get win tonight but I do want to thank the crowd and JB (Jordan Barncastle) and Kierra (Mallard) for all they've done and all they've been about and we're just going to keep playing ball and see were it takes us down the stretch.

On the emotion of senior night

Well it's always emotional on senior night so that definitely adds to it, and anytime you have a loss it's def emotional and obviously they're upset and I think you can tell from both of these they've had tears in their eyes, we all have, as a competitor you want to win every game and we came up short tonight.

On if it was the ball not falling for Tech or something Oklahoma did defensively

"When you get 15 more shots and seven more free throws and you have eight more offensive boards, the effort the aggressive spirit was there. I was looking, as a staff we charted that 14 of those missed 21 or the missed 17 three's were wide open, I don't think there was anybody with in two feet of us. We just missed a lot of shots and we just keep telling them to shoot it and keep working on it and I thought we had two really great days shooting the basketball and for whatever reason they didn't go in so you stay positive. I wasn't disappointed at all up until the shot was tremendous we just couldn't get a make."

"We had a couple mental breakdowns and I don't think there is any question you can think of two different three's we gave up, we had a couple mental breakdowns, defensively but you're going to have that at times you just have to get a make at the other end and if you miss shots you certainly have to get some stops and we couldn't combine enough of that with the missed shots."



Texas Tech Player Quotes

Senior Jordan Barncastle

On what Tech has done well so far this season and what they can still do

"I think we've competed well, being down two or being down 12, we have fought back and shown our resilience and not given up. We can improve on our consistency and we can go beat K-State and keep looking forward and keep positive and still be successful and accomplish the things we set out at the beginning of the season."

Junior Casey Morris

On what Tech has done well so far this season and what they can still do

"I think we can take any situation like this and turn it into a positive and build character by it and know that we still have more basketball to be played and stay positive like Jordan said and we still have opportunities that I feel like we can build off the positives and the negatives from this season and just staying with a positive mind set and keep pushing forward in practice."

Oklahoma Head Coach Sherri Coale

"I was really proud of our kids. I thought we really fought and we knew that this Tech team would be ready and that they would be aggressive, and had a lot on the line as we all do in these final conference games. Tech gave us everything we wanted and then some, I thought our kids responded really well. We've been working on responding rather than reacting. I thought we did a nice job of that tonight."

On difference between this game and last time against Tech

"I think we are older. We are just such a young team, we are more experienced, we know how to handle situations better. We know better as a coaching staff where we have to get the ball and where we have to have a basket. That is part of it as well, I just thought we had out big three: Vegas (Aaryn Ellenberge), Morgan (Hook) and Whitney (Hand). When those guys are all scoring and playing the type of floor game that they did tonight, we have a lot of success. I thought those three that we depend upon came threw."

On guard play

"Well guard play is always a major factor for our team, it doesn't matter who we're playing, you can count on that."

On perimeter shooting

"I think our discipline more than our length. It is really hard when we come off that ball screen, we changed we guarded that ball screen like five times throughout the course of the game. Because they do such a great job of taking advantage of whatever coverage you are in. It is really hard when you are on that weak side to not pinch in."

On what the team has done well, learned, and what they will do going forward

"Well they have been perseverant. That is their greatest character trait at this point. Gosh, I would rather it be three-point shooting, or defensive field goal percentage or rebounding margin, but I am not sure there is a more important character trait than perseverance, truthfully. They are young, they were inexperienced but they aren't so inexperienced now because we have been through this rigorous schedule. But they have just come back swinging whenever anything has happened to them. They want to be coached, that is fun for me, when kids come in and they are sponges and they want to learn. That makes my job pleasant."

Oklahoma Player Quotes

Aaryn Ellenberg

On what the team has done well, learned, and what they will do going forward

"I think we have learned to just stick together through everything. Just fight, with each other. We've had really tough ones and really good ones, where we played well or we played bad. Overall, just learning to play together and really stick with each other when things aren't going right."


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