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March 23, 2013

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Kristy Curry - Texas Tech Head Coach

Opening statement:

"I really appreciate our crowd, I thought they were incredible. We appreciate their love and support. I was proud of this team I thought they gave them everything they had, we just weren't able to make a few plays down the stretch. As hurt as we are right now and disappointed, I certainty don't want to take away from the year that these kids have had and I'm very proud of them and I'm proud to be their coach and I'm proud the way they represent the Double-T."

On the end of the game looks:

"You know, we wanted to get a little ball reversal, and if we had an open look, take it. I mean, Casey and Chynna have been consistent all year. Obviously Casey had a really bad day - uncharacteristic, but you tell her to keep shooting it and we wouldn't be dancing if she hadn't brought us. So, those kids brought us to the dance and you go with them. Chynna had a big three there late before those two last two that went in. I have a lot of faith in those two. They made a lot of big shots."

On Kelsi Baker stepping up as a junior:

"She really has. I mean she's really had to do some things with Shauntal being out to step in and play that five spot undersize. It's been a lot of heart, Kelsi's outstanding. She's in education, she's going to teach and coach and I wouldn't be surprised if she has my job one day, she's that smart. A post player in a point guard body and she does a great job as far as point guard mind. She does a great job thinking the game, and really gives us what we need when we need it and has a great feel for the game. Great leadership, I expect a lot of her as a senior. The last year she's really come into her own commitment she made in the offseason losing 26 pounds, I mean it says right there so I'm really proud of her."

On what she feels for her five seniors:

"I think the thing about it is how it hurts. It hurts to see those kids lose because they've given so much. I think the first thing was how much I appreciate the crowd and these kids, I mean they've given everything they've possibly could of every single day of every single moment. You know, sometimes that's the way it goes, and I told them in the locker room that's why they're going to be successful in the big game of life because of what they've done here and the lessons they've learned. As hard as today is, it's going to be a lot harder later on and they're going to understand how to get through it because of days like today, so that's what the games about. Learning and growing and being better. I'm really proud of them. I'm proud to be their coach and I've told them that I love them and I'll always be there for them."

On the future:         

"We're excited. Obviously we feel like we have a great recruiting class coming in, we have two commitments in 2014 we're really excited about the future. The class we have coming in very much mirrors our senior class, more talented coming in on paper but obviously this class has been special, feel good about our returnees coming back and our front line our entire front returns except Christine who is really naturally a three so we're excited."


Monique Smalls - Texas Tech - Guard

On how the offense dealt with fouls:        

"It threw off our offense a little bit because of Kelsi and Kelsi's rebounding ability and then Chynna getting in there driving creating shots but we try not to let that affect us, we have players that have stepped up and even though those two have went out we still kept trying to attack the goal and get rebounds on and off different players like Jackie and Amber and everybody."

On South Florida answering back with shots:         

"It was a little difficult because every time we would try to get a lead they would come back and answer right back they responded, but I'm proud of my team they didn't stop fighting even though we made a three and next thing you know they make a three we still came back and pushed we never gave up."

On Monique being a senior and has it hit her yet: 

"It has."

"I want to add that I am very thankful for my teammates. I've never been with a group of people that just never gave up. I am very proud of my seniors and the underclassmen because they believe in us and so did the coaches staff and everyone else who stepped up."

Chynna Brown - Texas Tech - Guard:

On Tech starting it off hot then losing momentum:

"We missed a few switches, miscommunication at times, we couldn't get stops some times, rebounds. They shot a lot of threes. We couldn't come up to the rebounds."

Kelsi Baker - Texas Tech - Forward

On her frustrating foul out:            

"Well I mean nobody wants to foul out but everybody wants to play the whole game. It was just a tough call and we had to live with it and keep playing. I was proud of my teammates for the way they kept playing after I fouled out. There's nothing we can do about it now."

On Monique completing her season:

"It was a great season. There's nothing we can do about this game, we lost by one. Everybody came out and played hard - there's nothing we can do from here on out. There's nothing we can do. We are happy about our season. Our seniors played great and we take everything away from us and we owe everything to our seniors."




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