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Nov. 4, 2012

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Lady Raiders vs. Midwestern State

November 4, 2012

Texas Tech Head Coach Kristy Curry

On the way the team responded in front of the crowd and under the lights

“I thought we looked a little jittery, especially a couple of our new faces, but today was a great opportunity to work through some of those things. It was great to have the lights on, a totally different environment then our scrimmage a week ago, and we certainly responded a little bit differently. So I think today was a really good thing for us.”

On defense being the best offense

“There are a few things defensively I would like us to focus on, fundamentally, from our closeouts to more ball pressure and other little things. We had had great help defense. Certainly you want your defense to be your best offense, and today we had some moments where we were able to convert. We always want to convert to steal a turnover, a lay up, an open three, or a free throw and we were able to do some of those things today.”

On Kelsi Baker’s and Jackie Patterson’s play

“I thought Kelsi had a much better finish to the game then she did at the start of the game, she came out and was more active. Obviously Jackie looked a little bit jittery, but I thought she had a great finish. It was good to see both of those kids finish stronger down the stretch then how they started the game. You always want to finish strong.”

On Coach Noel Johnson being back and Sheryl Swoopes and Coach Sharp visiting

“It was great to have both those former Lady Raiders in the house, Noel and Sheryl are both a part of this tradition. Look at the numbers and what those three were a part of as far as Southwest Conference Championships, NCAA tournaments, and the National Championship, it is great to have them back. It’s exciting to have Sheryl back in Lubbock now and see how she is involved in her program, and certainly Noel and her team did a great job today. I’m sure it was a great experience for both squads, some great film breakdown, and a great opportunity for us to have the lights on.”

On turnovers early on and calming them down

“I thought the second half did a better job of getting our press break set, making better decisions, getting some easy baskets, and getting to the foul line. Today was so good for us in so many areas, especially in decision making and shot selection, so we’ve got some great shot breakdowns we can look at and teach with.”

On shots at the free-throw line

“I was really disappointed to be honest, 26 of 41, if I’m not mistaken. I thought we started the game really well but you have got to put 40 minute of free throws together just like you do everything else. I know we missed four there at the end from a couple kids, it’s hard to come off the bench and shoot those, so if you take those four away your 26 of 37 and that’s still not good enough.”


Texas Tech Player Quotes

Senior Monique Smalls

On how it felt getting back on the court after suffering an injury during the last game last year

“It was great, an injury is not going to stop me from playing, that’s just not going to happen and being a senior you just want to be on the floor and have fun.”

On if it took a little while to find an offensive rhythm

“Like coach said it was a little jittery, but it’s been awhile since we’ve been on the floor and we were trying to go so fast because we were so excited, but like coach said when it was the second half we calmed down and played Tech basketball like we were supposed to.”

On what sparked Texas Tech in the second half

“Executing our plays, getting a steal and going for a layup, getting back and playing defense and getting stops. That’s what gets our offense going is when our defense comes together.”

Midwestern State Head Coach Noel Johnson

Opening Statement

“First off I want to say it’s great to be home, not in the capacity of playing the Lady Raiders but it’s good to see the fans and to be home and to be in Lubbock. I feel like my kids played hard today, we’ve had about 16 practices together and I see a lot of good of what happened today even though we lost by 15. Our turnovers were our Achilles’’ heal of the day we fouled them too many times because we were out of position on defense. This will be a good learning experience for us and kind of give us an idea of what we need to work on to get ready for our next game on Friday.”

On being honored before the game

“It’s very special, I don’t expect it, I expect them to whip my tale that’s the way we thought when I was here, anybody that comes on our home court we are going to whip you, but it was very nice and I appreciate that. Coach Curry is a class act and I appreciate that a lot.

On what was working well for them against the Lady Raiders in the first half

“I felt like our press was creating some opportunities for us until we had some match-up issues. When we got the ball inside I felt like some good things happened. Shambreka Jones is a really good player for us, she can elevate, she can rebound and I felt like we had good chance to go to the foul line and hopefully get an easy bucket.”

On what the hardest part of the game was to deal with

“We didn’t handle pressure at all on the perimeter, we didn’t handle it on the in-bounds, we had a five second call and then my little point guard got a five second call because of the pressure. It didn’t’ allow us to go screen, they were really physical on the cutters and we didn’t do a good job of responding to that and setting good screens and you know defensively I felt like we were out of position, we got beat on recovery and we ended up fouling too much.”

On Jackie Patterson’s play

“I love Jackie, I think she’s a great player, I think her sister’s good too. When I was at Texas State I recruited them and she’s a Jr. College All-American, she’s going to elevate above a lot of people and I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do in the Big 12.”

On what Midwestern brought for Texas Tech can build off of

“I thought we brought some athleticism, and quickness with the ball in our hands. I’ve got some athletes, especially in my starting five that can really move the basketball pretty quick. I felt like overall, just discipline, I felt like we would do a better job of executing our press offense and executing offensively. My main concern was how we were going to score because I knew there was going to be some height and strength advantage in different some positions that we haven’t faced.”




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