Texas Tech - UTPA Postgame Quotes

Nov. 11, 2013

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Postgame Press Conference

Candi Whitaker

Texas Tech Head Coach

Opening Statement:

"Excited to be 1-0. I thought we did some really good things in the first half. I thought our defense was good in the first half than it had been. We followed our scout and did some nice things there. Thought we found open people, which kind of broke open the game in the first half, thought both (Amber Battle and Minta Spears) did a great job of doing what they do best."

On defense holding UTPA players under double digits:

"I didn't realize that until I got this stat sheet that we held everyone under double-digit scoring. Again I thought the first half we did extremely well defensively. I was really pleased. We didn't miss a ton of assignments, got to people that we thought were key players for them, kept them in front for the most part and got to shooters. So, I thought we gave up some easy things early in transition, just with the trailing three, but made some adjustments throughout the game that they carried over and that's important. Young players aren't always used to making adjustments in the course of a game and they followed that pretty well."

On 3-point shooting in exhibition game and tonight:

"I think that clearly you have to get to the free-throw line. You've got to get to the paint, you know and our big focus was to throw it inside, get to the paint, get to the free-throw line. Who knows, I felt like we were a really good shooting team last game, now I'm like `0-8 is not as good.' But we'll continue to get better. We have a young team and there's going to be a lot of unknowns for me along the way. And I'm hoping I'm pleasantly surprised every game by something I didn't know before we play but did a good job of attacking and getting inside."

On Amber Battle:

"Tremendous athlete. I just love to watch her run and jump. She's got a lot of momentum going downhill attacking the rim. She can turn the corner I think on anyone. She's extremely athletic, her rebounds bail us out probably a lot. They had a wide-open layup and she comes from the backside and throws it into the stands. Just is really putting her athleticism on display."

On her team's  first win:

"It feels great, you know, when you have a young team and a new staff, you just never feel like you're ready, you need more time, you need more time to prepare. But they're learning and they're growing and its fun to watch them play."

On first win as a Texas Tech coach:

"It's just special. You know it's special to be back in West Texas and to be back at Tech and to be a part of this program. Every day I drive to the office, I take a moment, and it's weird. It's surreal to be sitting in coach (Marsha) Sharp's office, you know, and we're just again focused on trying to make this program as good as it can be. We recruit hard, we work with our players, we spend a lot of time trying to develop them."

On communicating with team:

"Yeah, you know. I always felt like I had so much more control as a player. As a coach you kind of surrender a little bit to them, because they're making plays, they're making decisions on the floor, they're communicating with each other on the floor and there's only so many time outs you have. You can't stop play every second and correct it. So you kind of have to give a little to them and let them learn through things and grow."


Shauntal Nobles

Senior Center

On matching up with opponent:

"We went over the scout (plan) before the game again and I feel like everybody executed to their best abilities and I feel like that's how we were able to come away with a win."

On scoring in the paint:

"Just posting. I know we had a new offense we just implemented so that was really great, just really crashing I guess, and driving and looking for paint touches. That was our main goal from coach from the get go so we just did our best to execute that."

Amber Battle

Senior Guard

On getting blocks:

"Definitely gets me pumped up, so to see my teammates jumping and screaming behind me, I think it just helped us a lot get our energy up and everybody play better."

On her overall performance

"You know I just went out and played. I didn't really look at the scoreboard to see how many points I had. I just went out and played my game, and coach allowed me to and it put us in the right positions in the right time. My teammates got me the ball when I needed it so, I just did what I had to do."

On Candi:

"She's a great coach, you know. She played here, so to carry on her legacy - it's great and she pushes us every day and she just lets us go out there and play basketball and we really like that so to have her back and for her to have ours, it's a great feeling."




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