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Nov. 11, 2011

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Texas Tech Head Coach Kristy Curry

Lady Raider vs. New Mexico

November 11, 2011

On Tech's win against New Mexico

"I thought it was a great start to the game and a great start to the second-half that set the tone. I liked the fact that we were able to play everybody and I thought our crowd was great and we just really hope they'll come back throughout the year and support us, so we appreciate everybody that came out tonight and hopefully they'll come back."

On Tech's defensive pressure

"We just want to make it difficult for people to run their offense whether it's full court, three-quarter court, or half court and we are improving daily on our communication and everybody being on the same page regardless of what the call is defensively and play hard and when your number is called be ready to go and we feel we have the depth to play that style and that's what we want to be about. We're not a very good team if we can't get some easy baskets, no one is, easy baskets determine games, that can be another offense for us, our defense."

On how the Tech's younger players played

"I thought Amber (Battle) responded tremendously, it's tough enough for it to be your first college game but for it to be against your hometown team where both your mom and dad were Division I athletes, and I thought she did a nice job of settling down and letting the game come to her and getting some easy baskets and her hands on some deflections, really pleased with her. I thought Ebony Walker came in and give us great energy off the bench, Kelsey Baker being a sophomore came in and gave us great energy, and I'm really pleased with Shauntal Nobles, she's youthful at the same time, so those four especially came in and did a nice job just being freshman and sophomores."



On Tech's offensive rebounds

"We want to be relentless on the glass and force our will. We've got to be a team that again is about easy points and put backs, we tell our posts every game that they have an opportunity to be a double-figure-scorer if you run hard twice in transition and get two layups and get an offensive put back and then you score two baskets in the half court offense, it sounds pretty simple and it should be. We want to be relentless on the offensive glass and push, push, push after a steal or a turnover and convert and if we don't convert we want to make sure we get a put back."

On what Tech's defense needs to work on

"I think the thing that's most strengthened on our defense is to do a better job making sure we understand our match up and tendencies and as we are able to scout more and understand what we need to take away, if they have three-point shooter if they love to go left or they love to go right, we've got to do a better job tendency wise, I thought we gave Durbin too many open looks, she's the best shooter and scorer on their team and we just didn't recognize that's 24, and what the scout was about so we've got to be able to mature with our scouts and understand tendencies and the strength of those tendencies and take them away and force them into their weaknesses and do a better job with that and as we go and have more film and have more scouts we will hopefully improve that."

Texas Tech Player Quotes

Lady Raiders vs. New Mexico

November 11, 2011

Monique Smalls

On Tech's in the full court press

"We just practice on it a lot and we learned when to rotate and we know that when someone goes to help to get their back, we always have a help person to get their back and as we were doing our defense as we shifted over we always had a back up person to take their spot."

Kelsey Baker

On her foot work at the post-position

"Well that's just something we are all striving to work on we've been working on our footwork and finishing toward the basket. Coach Kelly has done a great job with us and breaking it down, step by step for what we need to do to finish and on our footwork." 

New Mexico Coach Yvonne Sanchez

Lady Raiders vs. New Mexico

Nov. 11, 2011

On Tech's defensive pressure

"You know we worked on it in practice, we have a set of practice guys that we worked with and they did a nice job of simulating the pressure that we are going to see. You know Kristy has done an incredible job building this program here again. You know she has some nice guards that are quick. They do a nice job on defense, they get their offense from their defense and I know she preaches that. We just had a little bit of trouble with it today. We threw the ball away too much, we kind of panicked in certain situations when we could have held onto it and sent it to a guard. We have got to work on that, and we will."

On New Mexico's defensive pressure

"They have got some very nice post players that seal and gave us a hard time. I thought in our zone we did a nice job we located shooters. They hit some threes, and we need to box out better. We need to bump cutters a little bit better, we let the post go from block to block without bumping. Especially with those posts, because they are very good. They do a nice job of sealing, catching and finishing. You know they didn't do anything we didn't expect them to do, they are just a very good team. They are very well coached, and like I said we are going to battle and we are going to get better. We will watch film and get better from it. We will put it to bed and move on to the next one.

New Mexico Player Quotes

Lady Raiders vs. New Mexico

Caroline Durbin

On what you saw from them defensively and how that affected you guys?

"Like coach said they are one of the best teams we are going to play all year, so it is tough having them as our first game. They just worked together really well as a team also. We practiced against pressure in practice, but their team defense is really good overall. I think that affected us a little bit."

Nikki Nelson

On if Tech did anything defensively that surprised you guys maybe?

"No we just had a little trouble getting it in, I think that was our biggest problem. The guards pushed us to the baseline a little bit too far. That is something we are going to work on again. They did a great job defensively and we'll get better at it."


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