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Nov. 14, 2013

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Candi Whitaker

Texas Tech Head Coach

Opening Statement

“It was a great win for us. I’m really proud of how we played. I thought we played well at times, we had some lapses but we came back. When they came back and made a run, we countered it. It’s a big win for our program and we’re excited to be 2-0.”

On having 3 point guards on the floor

“I like that we have three point guards on the floor, and that we have more ball handlers and better passers probably, and just all the things that come with having point guards on the floor. Amber just has to be on the floor, I mean she’s rebounding, she’s scoring, and she’s defending. She’s just doing a great job in all areas.”

On coming back in the second half

“I don’t know if its more gratifying for me. I like to maintain leads and grow them, but I think it does speak a lot to our character and to the fight that this team has and that they want to win and be great. We’re young and have big time laps when we started the second half, but they did fight back. And its great to be in a position, game situations like we were tonight with a young team this early in the season I think you learn a ton from situations so I’m glad we were able to be in those and come out ahead.”

On carrying this win through the big 12

“No question. I think anytime you have a battle and a close game you can really carry that with you. We’re going to see bodies like theirs and bigger in big 12 and we’re going to have to take care of the basketball a lot better to be able to stay in games and compete but I thought we made some great plays today. I think the first half offensively we just started, did a great job of finding people, attacking the paint and getting to the free throw line, and that’s what we want to do.”



On finishing lay ups

“I think we can always be better. When you have lay ups you always have to finish them. You don’t get many point blank, and we believe missed about 4 point blank lay ups and we got to put those in.” 

On what went right and wrong during the game

“Yeah gave up a lot of boards and that was something we emphasized, and they were bigger and stronger and that’s going to happen sometimes. We don’t obviously want to give up that many but I thought in our zone we did a good job of recognizing their overloads and countering them, and then in our man did a pretty good job and need to do a better job of keeping an eye on the paint, but for the most part I think we did a pretty good job. Gave up some offensive boards on the back side in our zone because we were matching with their overloads which left us weak on the back side.”

On free throws 

“You know, we don’t work on free throws. We do work on free throws but when we shot 82 I thought, well you know what we’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing we’re not putting a ton of mental focus on it so we’re not ‘oh god you better make your free throws’, we’re just relaxed about it. We go to the line and we want to stay relaxed when we go to the line. So we’re not making a huge emphasis on making them as much as getting there. We want to get to the line a lot. We want to continue to attack the paint, throw it to the post, and find our way to the line. And I think so much of free throws is mental so I want our players to be relaxed when they step to the line.”

On the importance of the win

“Well I cant really speak to last year and last year’s team, they had a very good team, they had a great run and obviously an NCAA run. But when I approached this game this year, I thought this was a game that I thought would be huge for us if we could win it. New Mexico is a very good team, they’re big, they’re strong, they have a lot of great players, they’re well coached. So for us to win it tonight with our young team I thought was a huge step in the right direction.”

On Kellyn

“I loved Kellyn rebounding in the first half I thought I saw her go get boards, get out of her area, be more aggressive, she got some huge boards in traffic, so really happy to see her do that.”


Amber Battle

Senior Guard

On defensive boards

“Defensive boards, that what we talked about all week in practice you know, boxing them out because they’re a good offensive rebounding team. So for us to box out and for us to get those rebounds it was very key.”

On the importance of this win to her

“It is kind of special for me because I played with or against those girls since I was in middle school so, you know for them to come in here and for us to protect our house it was really important to me especially, so it felt good.”

On stepping up for the win

“Its huge but this is a team thing, one person cant just step up we all have to step up together, and we did that for each other we had the posts back and they had ours, so it came out good.”

On protecting the home court 

“Just focus, when they went on that run we just had to gather ourselves and remember this is our home court and we have to protect it, and we just had to get our heads back in the game and we did, and we came out with a win."


Minta Spears

Freshman Guard

On her free throw streak

“I thought they were huge, because I always view free throws, like I got to make them because at the end I always remember the ones I miss, especially if it’s a close game so that’s how I approach free throws, and I just stepped up and knocked them down.”

On how she prepares for game

“I think it helped that I just knocked down the shots but I also tried to come to the game focused and prepared for the game. And my teammates did an awesome job of getting me the ball, like the first 3 Amber had an awesome pass at the floor. So we were just clicking early. Felt good.”

On getting prepared for New Mexico

“I thought the coaches did an awesome job of preparing us for the game, we knew who the shooters were, who the drivers were, and their post player tendencies and stuff, so, I think the team did a really good job of looking at the scouting information and applying that to the game.”

On Matt Corkery

“Its awesome, he’s great. He does a little bit of everything but he really focuses on defense and that’s what I’ve really been working on with him and he just helps me get better game after game.”


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