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Nov. 17, 2013

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Nov. 17, 2013

Candi Whitaker

Texas Tech Head Coach

Opening statement

"Tough fought game, wish we could have come up on top, but we can't give away 85 points. We need to look at the film and see how we can get better on both ends of the floor. I thought Minta did a nice job of finding ways to get to the foul line and thought Marina did a nice job of finding some people and some scoring opportunities."

"You know they're a young team and they're going to make mistakes but what we're really looking for every single day is that, what is their fight, do they have that competiveness in them that they're going to be able to learn and continue to get better. But if they can fight through some things they'll surprise some people and they'll win some games and more importantly they'll prepare themselves for their future and continue to get better as a basketball team."

On the defensive game

"I thought in our zone we got really spread out, we kind of got away from our roles on how we're going to play the zone, and then in man we didn't really guard the ball very well. They were driving in on us, they're getting through the free throw line, we're helping up in the post which we do not do, we missed a lot of assignments as far as are we high hedging something on a on ball, are we switching it, and we cant have lapses like that."

On the progress of Marina

"Marina is definitely a great passer, I mean I think she can find a lot of people, she turned it over some, because she's young we're putting her in the paint a lot, and she's going to but, I thought she did a better job tonight of not turning it over as much. But more importantly, I thought she looked for scoring opportunities which I haven't seen her do a lot in practice. She's such a pass-first player that she doesn't score a lot in practice so today when they weren't coming off and she had scoring opportunities I thought she did a nice job of reading the defense and taking advantage of that."



"It was a little bit of a surprise because no, I haven't seen her score the ball a whole lot. When game lights are on, she's knocking down some threes, she just doesn't take a lot of shots in practice. She's more of a pass first player."

On Battle having to sit out

"It really affects us. Amber's a big key to having success on this team. Not just offensively but defensively and defensive rebounds. She's got to stay on the floor. With Amber, if we can keep a tight game and not pick up her during the first half, that's what we're going to do, but there's going to be times she's going to have to go back in the first half and play with two and not pick up her third. But I thought she did a nice job of taking it to the rim and having some opportunities and hit some shots in the zone offense, but we need to keep her on the floor and keep her in her rhythm. I think when she sits she kind of an get out of rhythm of playing."

On main things to fix

"I think again guarding the basketball. We've got to be able to stay in front without fouling. You know, we're going to have some smaller match ups and we're going to have to do a better job of post defense. And then in our zone, like I said, we have to stop giving up so many big gaps in our zone. We've got to have a tighter zone."

On dealing with an inexperienced team

"I think that's part of our job when you have a young team, our staff got to do a good job of getting them going and the message wasn't we're terrible in the locker room it was more of hey this is part of it. We're gong to learn from this and we're going to grow from this. We're going to look at the film. We'll continue to work to be better everyday. So that's our message from our staff to our team. They're great kids they're going to work at it and they're going to keep getting better."

Minta Spears

Freshman Guard

On opposing teams defense

"I think it just rushed us a little bit, but we also got some really good looks out of it so I think we just need to convert on those looks."


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