Texas Tech - Lipscomb Postgame Quotes

Nov. 18, 2012

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Lady Raiders vs. Lipscomb

November 18, 2012

Texas Tech Head Coach Kristy Curry

On what changes were made for the second half to improve Texas Tech's shooting

"Just telling them to keep shooting, to get their feet set and have their hands ready and to keep shooting the basketball. We knew they were going to play that sagging-man defense and we were fortunate to make enough shots, and we will grow and learn and for our kids to continue to shoot on their own and everything we do in practice continue to go game speed and that will make it easier come game time. We need to continue to work on that, but I loved our execution and our ball reversal and the way we shared the ball. Any time you have 15 assists to seven turnovers and have a two-to-one ratio you have to be pleased. We did a great job of sharing the basketball today."

On Texas Tech's defensive pressure

"Well I think you can always control the defensive end and rebounding and that's just with great energy and great effort so it was pleasing to see that and I thought our hands were really active, we had great ball pressure, a lot of good things defensively, and I really thought they worked well together on the defensive end as


On the overall defensive effort today against Lipscomb

"I thought it was consistently our best effort so far this season and with great energy and great effort on the defensive end it obviously carries over to great things on the offensive end I know we missed some shots but I love the mentality and that we were aggressive and shared the ball like we did. It's kind of contagious the defensive end kind of leads the offensive end. I know we got out rebounded by three but they had 23 more opportunities to rebound than we did because of five missed free throws, 6 missed free throws, and then 17 shots, so I wasn't disappointed with that either because they had so many more opportunities because we took more shots, but just a lot of positives, I thought defensive rebounding kept us in it."

Texas Tech Senior Guard Christine Hyde

On what she wanted to accomplish with starting her first game of the year

"Just to play hard. It didn't matter if I started or not I was going to come out and play hard."

On the team's mentality earl on when they kept missing shots

"We just said keep shooting because we knock it down in practice, we shoot the lights out in practice. So we just keep shooting because it's going to go down, you get in the gym and practice everyday, I can't even tell you how much shooting we did in the off season so I was confident that in every single one of them to shoot the ball."

Texas Tech Senior Guard Monique Smalls

On Lipscomb cutting the lead down from 23 to seven

"We kind of, I wouldn't say get comfortable but we kind of made some defensive mistakes and that hurt us, but from the three's that's just confidence that my teammates, they always give me confidence and they always tell me to shoot it, especially the coaching staff so when I hit those three's then we had a good possession on defense and got a steal and those are the kinds of things that not matter what is if I do a good assist or if I do a good pass someone else scores our defense is going to be unstoppable."

Lipscomb Head Coach Greg Brown

Opening Statement

"It's a good experience for our guys to come here and see what it's like to compete at this level, and what it's like execution wise, it's at a different level against teams that are so well coached and so athletic and strong. It's a good test for us and it's a learning curve, but I'm excited to get back and get back to work  after this."

On Texas Tech breaking down their defense in the first half

"We knew they were talented and could shoot it and they were strong and more athletic than us and we knew we had to stay in front of them and limit them to one shot and contest the shot. That's how we have to play a lot of people when your small and not athletic you have to find a way to trick them a little bit. Obviously Tech they are well coached and aggressive and that doesn't help us very much."

On Tech's full-court press causing them problems

"We struggled, when you have three walk-ons running around out there that will happen sometimes. But it's a great teaching opportunity for us, you know obviously we don't have to beat Tech in the Atlantic Sun but it's an opportunity to see what teams like this do and we know people are going to press us so it's a teachable moment for us."




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