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Texas Tech - Central Arkansas Quotes




Nov. 26, 2011

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Texas Tech vs. Central Arkansas

November 26, 2011

Head Coach Kristy Curry

On Tech’s 800 win

“There is obviously a great deal of respect and appreciation for so many that came before all of us to make this day happen from Jeannine McHamey, who was a starter and supporter for women’s athletics, Gay Benson, Susie Lynch, Donna Wick, and obviously Marsha Sharp, and our current administrator Judi Henry. So much appreciation for the great players, I was thinking last how many great players have put that uniform on and what it means and it’s a privilege and a honor to follow a Sheryl Swoopes, the opportunity to follow a Candace Whitaker, she was in the house today, Crystal Boles, Vicky McKenzie, former Lady Raiders that I saw here today, Krista Kirkland-Gerlich, Tabitha Truesdale, Natalie Ritchie, Alesha Robertson, just so many people that have been such a big part the list could go on and on. We are so appreciative of the opportunity that we have to represent something that’s bigger and much more special than any of us individually. I’m really proud of this team and I thought the second half we accepted the challenge defensively, I was extremely displeased at half time and then we came out and held them to four points for a long time and it set the tone for us in the second half. I thought our perimeters rebounded outstanding on the glass, Kierra is going to anchor in there and Shauntal, and Kelsey and Jordan and Ebony but we have got to become a better rebounding team from the perimeter and I thought we did that tonight."

On being balanced, offensively

“It’s important and we feel we are at are best when we have great balance, whether it’s point production or like tonight when we had four or five in double figures and then on the rebounding end Chynna had a near double-double and Kierra, Shauntal played great off the bench today and on and on and on. I thought our team played unselfish today and sometimes to a fault but 17 assists today so we are sharing the basketball and again getting this program back to where we want it to be by playing extremely hard. This program needs to be about one word and that’ s hustle, hustle everywhere we go, everything that we do 24/7, the classroom, court, community, and personally, we need to be about hustle and that’s what this program has represented for so long and I thought today we were all about hustle.”



On out rebounding teams 102 to 60 

“Rebounding is just about heart and hustle, again it’s effort we need to force our will on the boards and I’d rather it be 120 to 40 though, there can always be room for improvement you can’t stand and watch all five at the defensive end if you have rebounding responsibility at the offensive end you need to go to the glass and stop standing and watching. Again, it’s just about heart and hustle, rebounders aren’t determined by there size but by the size of their heart and we talk about that a lot.“

Texas Tech vs. Central Arkansas

November 26, 2011

Player Quotes

Shauntal Nobles

On being apart of Tech’s 800th win

“Of course when I came here I knew about this program and just by being accepted I knew it was going to be an honor to play for this team and we actually just found out yesterday that this would be our 800the win for the program and that’s just really special to play that game and get that win and be apart of that.”

Chynna Brown

On being apart of Tech’s 800th win

“I just feel that just for us to be able to wear Texas Tech across our chest like Coach Curry said in the locker room a minute ago it’s just a great opportunity and then to come out and play hard in front of a bunch of fans that show their love and support for us on our 800th win is a great honor and a great opportunity.”

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