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Dec. 21, 2011

Recap |  Box Score |  Notes

Lady Raiders vs. Western Kentucky

December 21, 2011

Head Coach Kristy Curry

Opening statement

“I was just pleased with playing so many people our game goal was to hold them to under 45 points, and the energy defensively to be that intense to make sure we met our team goal and to play 10 people at least 13 minuets or more, I’m not sure Ebony Walker didn’t have more minuets than that, she seemed to have a lot more than that, but you know it was just a good effort by our team and the focus they had before the holidays and I’ve been pleased with the last two practices this week. We still have a lot of things to improve on but anytime you can hold somebody to 38 points regardless is just great defensive effort.”

On the 10-0 start

“I’m just happy for the kids and their commitment. This team has their heart in the right place, I don’t know what is going to happen but I do know that everyday they are going to lay it on the line and try to do all that they can to be successful. Any mistakes they make it’s not because their heart isn’t in the right place and that’s a fun group to coach and I’m happy for them but at the same time I don’t think there is anybody that doesn’t realize that today is a new day and what we’ve done in the past is the past. We’ve got to continue to move forward and not dwell in the past whether it’s good or bad, or happy or sad, it’s good right now and things are great and I’m happy for them but we’ve got to move on and continue to improve and get better and get ready for January.”

On what’s been the key for their 10-0 start

“Just the commitment level and just how hard they work in practice and off the court as far as their habits, everyday they come out I think you can tell that the energy is there and you’re not coaching effort you are trying to coach to put them in a position scheme-wise at both ends of the floor to be successful and continue to emphasize position play and film, and all the things we need to do better. They allow us as a staff to focus on the X’s and O’s and not drama and not effort and we hope we can stay that way, when you have a bunch of girls together sometimes that can be difficult but they do care about each other and what they say and how they’ve said it throughout as far as chemistry and they really mean what they say and again it’s just a good group to be around and I want to see them have success and they are committed and they have their heart in the right place.”



On Tech’s last two games before starting conference 

“It’s just going to be important for us to continue to learn how to travel and spend some time together, and obviously Cal State Bakersfield is our first game and then we go into a hostile environment with San Diego, they’re 8-2 right now and they’re a good basketball team and we have to make sure that with Cal State Bakersfield that we don’t take anything for granted and we are prepared and ready to go. I know they both are going to be excited to play us and it’s just another opportunity for us to play two teams in their home state that are going to be fired up and we do have a target on our back and the transition of us learning how to handle that is a lot different than being the underdog and we are doing a lot of hunting ourselves and we still feel like we are the underdog and we’ve got to go in with the same mentality that we’ve had and play hard.”

Lady Raiders vs. Western Kentucky

December 21, 2011

Player Quotes

Monique Smalls

On where her defensive intensity comes from

“My intensity just comes from the fans, the fans get into the game and it gets into your head and gives you extra energy and getting into the defense it’s like if I don’t get a steal I know my teammates are going to get it because putting a lot of pressure at the top helps Kierra (Mallard) or the back post to get the steal.”

On if Tech’s defense helps take the pressure off offensively

“Yeah, it does because we like to get free or easy buckets, we want to get into fast breaks and get into easy opportunities and then getting into our plays gives us time to concentrate on what we need to concentrate on.”

On being 10-0 

“It means a lot it shows what we have been working on starting from the start of the off-season of last year through the summer and then preseason, and being 10-0 it’s a great Christmas gift and now we get to go spend time with family and then focus on San Diego next.”

Chynna Brown

On being 10-0

“I feel like the 10-0 start is great for the program and our team period. Just seeing that you know there is chemistry that we’ve built, we’ve all played with each other for two or three years now and so having the 10-0 run just feels good and we are still working on getting better.”

On how she played

“Coach Curry said before we went onto the floor to be ready when your numbers called so when she told me to go in I didn’t hesitate and when I got the ball I tried not to put it on the floor as much and just catch and shoot.”


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