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Day 6 - Victoria, Canada

The Lady Raiders pose on the ferry that took them to Victoria.
The Lady Raiders pose on the ferry that took them to Victoria.

Aug. 13, 2010

Final destination Victoria, B.C!!!

The Lady Raiders, coaches, staff and fans woke up bright and early to have a full breakfast, and to hit the road to catch a boat ride ferry to Victoria, B.C. The bus ride was lengthy but filled with laughter, singing, smiles on everyone's face, and we even had the pleasure to listen to our teammate Marissa Ashton, who is an incredible poetry writer, read one of her poems titled "Whistler". A long bus ride, but well worth it because it led into another amazing ride on the ferryboat. It was a remarkable view, smooth sailing, a lot of pictures, and of course Tammi Hoffman coming around with her video camera. Even though I got a little sea sick I enjoyed the ride all-in-all.

We finally made it to Victoria, and instantly there were astonishing buildings and statues to admire, such as the Parliament Building, House of Wax, the Royal BC Museum, the Queen Victoria statue, Eagles Pole, The Embassy and the Harbor. There is immense history in Victoria, as well as great sightseeing, gift shops, horse drawn carriages and shopping.

We have the night to eat dinner on our own and then head back to our beautiful hotel to lay our heads down, and prepare for an early morning adventure of whale watching, and later in the evening our last game. We are definitely looking to finish up our international trip 4-0, and head home to enjoy the rest of our summer with our families, before we head back to campus anxious and excited for our upcoming season.

We greatly appreciate all who follow and support our journey in the astounding province of British Columbia.

Go Tech!



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