November RRC Scholar-Athlete: Haley Schneider

Nov. 1, 2013

By Kayla Curry
Special To TexasTech.com

Haley Schneider, a center for the Lady Raider basketball team, is at the end of her time as a student-athlete. As she reflects on her time as a Lady Raider, she is thankful for all the support she's had throughout.

Schneider got her start in basketball at a young age by tagging along with her mom during the summer.

"As a kindergartener, it was almost like a day care," Schneider said. "My mom would take us kids to her basketball camps in the summer. We would be a lot younger than all the other kids there, but we'd still participate."

As she grew up, Schneider's love for the sport persisted.

"As I grew older and really started to grow an interest in basketball, I really started to like it compared to the other sports," Schneider said. "I tried try volleyball and track, but it just didn't click."

Schneider's mom had a lasting impression that is still a huge impact in her life today.

"Athletically, she has an amazing background in athletics as a player and as a coach," Schneider said. "She's just really strong in the athletic department, and it's always given me something to look up to."

Schneider looks up to her mom for athletics, but she's also been a huge influence on her academics, even having an impact on her major.

"My mom taught math at my high school, so she was always able to help me" Schneider said. "I ended up having a strong interest in math and that gave me a strong interest in civil engineering and that brought me to where I am today academically."

Schneider also credits her success on and off the court to her mom's influence.

"I know it's possible to be both very successful academically and athletically," Schneider said. "You don't have to pick one or the other. My mom influenced me in that way."

Not only is Schneider a Civil Engineering major gearing up for graduate school in the spring, but she's also a part of other organizations on Tech's campus like Tech chapter of National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

The Lubbock native said she knew her time in college would be challenging and that's what made the decision to go to Tech was so easy.

"I knew I would be under a lot of stress in college with basketball and my major," Schneider said. "I wanted to be around friends and family. I wanted to make sure I was in a place where I knew people and that I had a support team around me."

Schneider said she's also always had great support from all Tech offers to student-athletes.

"Tech is great about helping the athletes achieve what they want to academically," Schneider said. "They have tutors for specific subjects, if you're struggling in a class all you have to do is tell your academic advisor and he'll get me a tutor as soon as I need one."

Candi Whitaker, women's head basketball coach at Tech, agrees that the Red Raider Club provides for the athletes in a way that truly has an impact.

"There's no question the donors that donate to the Red Raider Club allow opportunities for scholarships for our student-athletes that make a huge impact in their lives," Whitaker said. "Without the education and the opportunity they get on the floor, they wouldn't be able to better themselves and have a better life down the road."

Schneider plans to graduate in December 2013. She will continue her time at Tech pursuing her master's degree.

Whitaker said Schneider is a great role model for other players on the team.

"The thing I like the most about Haley is her coach-ability," Whitaker said. "She's someone who listens to everything you ask her to do on the floor. You know she's doing all the things off the floor the right way which is such a great example of what the Lady Raiders are about."




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