Student Athlete Blog: Minta Spears

Minta Spears leads the Big 12 Conference in minutes played at 35.3 per game in her first season.

Get an inside look at Lady Raider basketball throughout the season with our Lady Raider Student Athlete Blog. Hear what is going on from the Lady Raiders themselves, from their perspective. Each two weeks a new entry will be posted on the website. This week - freshman guard Minta Spears talks about going from the bench, back to the floor.

Nov. 21, 2013

The way last year ended was definitely not how we wanted to end the season. It was a terrible feeling having to sit in the stands and watch South Florida play in the second round of the tournament instead of us. Kelsi Baker and I went to the game to watch, and as we were leaving, our fans gave Kelsi a standing ovation. It was a really cool experience and said a lot to how awesome and supportive our fans are.

Our team had a busy summer. In May, a group of about 20 Texas Tech student-athletes went on a mission trip to Uganda. From the basketball team, Kelsi, Kellyn, Haley, Mary, Layne, and myself went on the trip. It was a life-changing experience, and I learned so much about myself and my team. This mission trip really gave me a new perspective, I went from thinking I HAVE to workout, I HAVE to go to class, I HAVE to do this - to I GET to play basketball, I GET to attend Texas Tech University, and I GET incredible opportunities. (redraideroutreach.wordpress.com)

After we came back from Uganda, our team started summer workouts and classes. The team worked really hard this summer. I still worked out with the team, but I was also in the process of rehabbing my knee. The summer was a good time to grow as a team and get to know the new players as well as our new coaches. Kelsi is a great cook, so we would get together on the weekends and eat. (Diamond and I would help Kelsi cook and everyone else would just show up for the food). We also got addicted to the game "Heads Up," which is an app on the iPhone.

Preseason is always important, but this year it was critical for us. We had to learn a new system, with new coaches and new players. Ivonne and myself were just being released to play, so preseason was not only important for the team to get better but for us to get used to playing again. Leading up to the season, we had a few fan engagement activities. These are always my favorite because we get to speak with our fans. It is so awesome to hear the fans' stories. Some people have had season tickets since 1970 and most since the national championship in 1993. That means most fans have consistently been going to Lady Raider games since I was born!

I was so excited about finally getting to play games. Before playing in our exhibition game against Angelo State, the last time I played in an actual game was November of last year against Arizona State, so I was extremely excited and nervous for the first game. After a year of being injured, it was awesome to finally get to play. It is hard for me to explain my exact feelings during the game because I was just so thankful to be healthy and playing again. I had so much fun and was just reminded of my passion and love for basketball.

We are 2-1 right now and just coming off of our first loss of the season. I am really competitive. For example, I never took it easy on my brother growing up, I always try to make A's in my classes, and I just flat out hate to lose. So after losing to Arizona State, I've replayed the game in my head and thought about everything we should have done differently to win. In practice this past week, we have really been focusing on communication and transition defense. We want to learn from the last game and get better for the next. We are looking forward to Grambling State on Saturday and really excited for New York next week.

See you on Saturday, Lady Raider Nation!

- Minta 




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