Posted by Kristy Curry - February 16, 2007


Sorry it's been a while since my last blog. It's been a dead sprint between practices, games and recruiting.

I have to say that I'm very proud of this team as they are working relentlessly to earn an NCAA bid. We've struggled a bit lately, but had a huge win at Nebraska which gives us, hopefully, much needed momentum headed into our Oklahoma game at home this Saturday.

This conference season has been exactly what I thought it would be with a whole lot of parity among the teams. As a player, it's the kind of league you want to play in, and as a coach, one that you want to coach in. It's pretty neat to be challenged day in and day out at the highest level. We hope that our strength of schedule and RPI with a few more wins will get this team to the NCAA Tourney.

I want to thank everyone for all of the support and wanted to remind you that we need you in the United Spirit arena against Oklahoma this Saturday and then on March 1, as we host Iowa St. March 1, will also be senior day to honor our four very special seniors.

We are also having a bus trip for our game at Texas on Feb. 24. If you want to make the trip to Austin, join other fans on the bus trip we are having. You can call our marketing office to sign up. We would love to have you there to cheer us on against the Longhorns.

Until next time and WRECK'EM Tech!

Posted by Kristy Curry - January 20, 2007

It's been a bit since my last blog, so again please forgive me! Between preparing this team for each day, hitting the recruiting trail and being a mom first and foremost, there are not enough hours in my days and nights!

This comes to you from icy Oklahoma standing at 3-2 in the Big 12. We had to come up to Stillwater a day early to beat the weather and beat Oklahoma State!!! Thank goodness the weather hasn't turned out to be as bad as advertised and the game was really a special one! We have obviously struggled on the road this season and it was nice to see us really gut out a tough win with 17 lead changes. That says an awful lot about the heart and toughness of our team today! We are seeing so many positives with this team through every experience. From four seniors who are really giving their all with their work ethic and leadership, to seeing our youth in Jordan and Raquel grow up before our eyes, has been fun to watch.

We ended our day by attending a OKC Hornets vs. Los Angeles Lakers game tonight. I always enjoy seeing kids that might not have ever been to a pro game have this experience. Kobe (Bryant) didn't have his greatest game, but it was still fun to see and the girls had a blast. This team really enjoys one another and I've always been a believer that it's more than just 94 feet. It's about enjoying time on and off the court...chemistry.

Before I forget I want to let you know about a couple things...

1 - Come on out to Applebee's on Monday nights at 6 p.m. and join Ryan Hyatt and I for the radio show. Ryan is awesome and it's tons of fun and good food!

2 - We have an exciting ticket promotion for our Texas game, the Big 12 Fan Plan. If you buy a ticket to the Texas game, you are then eligible to purchase a mini-pack for the last four home games.

3 - Our staff will be wearing some pink for the Texas game. The Women's Basketball Coaches Association is asking coaches and their staffs across the country to wear pink this weekend to show their support for coaches who are battling cancer. This is really a very special cause so one of the only good reasons I can think of to not wear red for a day!

Tomorrow will be filled with preparation for the Sooners and I know this team will give 'all they have got'. As long as we can keeping getting 'all this team has got' then we can find a way.

See you next Saturday in the United Spirit Arena. Can't even begin to tell you how much we appreciate you!

Wreck'em Tech -

Posted by Kristy Curry - December 7, 2006

Forgive me as I know it's been a while since you have heard from me. There's been a lot going on from turning 40, recruiting, getting ready for Christmas, to the Lady Raiders 7-3 record.

Let's start with our recruiting class. Can I tell you how excited we are about the four new Lady Raiders? You are going to love watching these four....Dominic (aka Domino) is an amazing athlete and will impact our post position, Alana is going to give us experience and depth at the perimeter, Jordan (aka JJ) is that pure shooter and Keisha is an amazing athletic combo guard. All four really fill a need for us and are so proud to be Lady Raiders!

Forty isn't so bad! When I've seen people turn 40, they seem to be a bit down about it. I look back at the past 40 years, and if the next 40 years are half as special I'm truly blessed. My staff threw me the most awesome surprise 40th birthday party hosted by the Brocks. I thought Janice and Bill were just having us over for dinner and really caught me by surprise, which is hard to do. They had all my favorites but most importantly Mexican food and a red velvet cake (which was painted black). To top it all off Raider Red even showed up and I was so happy because I even had on a Raider Red shirt!!! Raider Red was most impressed. I can't tell you how awesome it is to have such a wonderful staff that I enjoy away from the office. We are all on this journey together and are having a ball.

Now talking about ball... It's been a trip lately and literally. I feel like that Willie Nelson song... "On the Road Again". The suitcase would be packed then unpacked and then packed again. The trip to Hawaii was incredibly special and we were able to really bounce back after a close loss to host Hawaii. We then came home for a couple of days and had a great effort against Tulane. We then flew back to the West Coast for games at Fresno State and Stanford. As you know we suffered two losses. We got back to Lubbock and two days later beat a very athletic Texas-Arlington team. So our current record stands at 7-3.

I really like this team and I love who they are trying to become. There is no doubt that we are better since I have last talked to you and that is what it is all about. We feel like our preseason will prepare for us for our Big 12 season and it is. I love this team and their coach-ability and desire to get better. It's great to have Darrice back and we are blessed to be as healthy as we have been. I'm just so glad for my team that we are home for a couple of weeks and they can focus on final exams and prepare for Oral Roberts on the 14th.

I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! I still have tons of shopping to do, and more importantly to make sure the Lady Raiders finish 10-3 before Christmas!


Posted by Kristy Curry - October 25, 2006

I love this time of year! When I see the pumpkins, pansies, mums and costumes I know it's getting really close to the season! At my house it's a big deal on what our costume will be for Halloween. I have to say that we have a six-year-old `Witch' and a three-year- old `Blue Care Bear.' Now the witch costume was easy to find, but the blue care bear was a little more difficult. Not sure how we came to those choices, but we did. Talk about being fired up and excited about being the best `Witch' and `Blue Care Bear' we can be...we are kind of excited!

It's a lot like this team. They are fired up to be the best that they can be with each day! One of my very favorite sayings is "you either get better or worse with each day, there is no staying the same". I can tell you that we have been having a ball with practice and there is no question that this team is definitely getting better with each day. Today (Tuesday) was our 10th practice and still they amaze me with their eagerness and work ethic to get better with each day! We are going to be so ready to play someone other than ourselves or our `Gunners'(male practice squad and might I mention they are awesome!) come October 31st. And yes the `Witch' and `Blue Care Bear' will be at the game after trick-or-treating! Hope to see you there too!

Until next time... KC

Posted by Kristy Curry - October 5, 2006

When my SID asked would I do a blog, I had to say sure, but I wasn't sure where to begin with this first one.

How do I begin to describe the Curry's world since March 30? I can't begin to tell you how easy of a transition we have had, thanks to the wonderful support of the people of West Texas. The old saying 'that it's the people who make the place' is certainly fact when you talk about this community! It wasn't easy to leave a place which we loved and were comfortable. I had the question asked to me on the road this recruiting period - 'Don't you think in the past seven years you have taken the two toughest jobs in women's basketball?' That person meaning you inherited a national championship and now you follow a legend. I think they were trying to say, had I lost my mind. But looking at it the way I do, I feel like the most blessed lady in the world. I thrive on challenges and absolutely love waking up every single day. I've inherited the most wonderful group of fourteen 18-22 year olds and then have my two little girls. Between the 16 big and little girls in my world, it's been an amazing five months. I can't tell you how much fun I am having getting to know my new team and we are starting kindergarten on top of it! Then there is my staff, I can't even begin to put into words how awesome they are!

How do I put five months in a blog I keep asking myself as I write this?!?!

I've always loved promoting my program whether on the speaking circuit or in recruiting. The people I've met and gotten a chance to see I haven't seen in a while have just been wonderful, from my many service luncheons to recruiting trips across this great state. Can I tell you how awesome it is to drive to Idalou, through the piney woods of East Texas, down to Houston and then to Dallas? To see a What-A-Burger and then a Sonic frequently! Then there's the Mexican food, which has always been my favorite! It's the 'little' things that make a 'big' difference! I'm driving down the road with my three-year-old one night and she says 'Mom, look at the sky...it seems so big here.' I explained that in West Texas things are flat and you can really see the moon (Luna...from 'Bear in the Big Blue House') and the stars, and how the sky was just endless.

I've also learned quickly the love and passion for this program are endless and my family and I feel so very blessed to be a part.


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