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Hannah Arnold

Hannah Arnold
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Hannah Arnold visits with texastech.com.

Feb. 24, 2012

What is your goal this season?
Keep doing the best I can. I'd love to eventually reach an individual tournament victory, but top ten's not bad, top five's not bad either! I'm just going to continue doing the best I can and eventually get a tournament win.

What makes this year's team special?
We're all such great friends. We don't just work well as a team, but we're also really good friends off the golf course as well. I think all of us have the same goal in mind. We all want to make it to nationals, we all want to win every tournament we play. We all have the same goal. That makes it easier when we go to play at tournaments, because we're all striving for the same thing.

What are you looking forward to the most this year?
This year, I'm most looking forward to going to nationals. I really do believe our team is going to make it this year. I strongly believe that. I'm really excited to see everything fall out the way I think they are going to.

What do you like about Coach Robertson?
JoJo's great. I really love that she's very competitive. She always kind of gives us that competitive boost when we go into tournaments. We feed off that energy. She gives us a great opportunity to compete at a very high level. She's always there and she's cheering us on. She's great.

What's the best part about getting a new clubhouse?
Oh wow, the list goes on and on about that. Probably the main thing for me is getting a locker room and having our own locker. I think that's going to be so awesome, being able to store all of our stuff there. Everything we take to the golf course will already be there. It will be great.

When was the first time you ever went golfing?
When I was playing with my dad, and I was playing with plastic clubs. I wouldn't really call that golfing, I would call that just having fun... Just goofing around.



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