Arvidsson Off to Solid Start to Freshman Year

Elin Arvidsson

Elin Arvidsson
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Elin Arvidsson (seen with JoJo Robertson) has been a regular in the Tech lineup throughout her freshman year.

Feb. 29, 2012

by Holly Kitten
Texas Tech Athletics Communications

As one of the upperclassmen on the Lady Raider golf team, junior Kim Kaufman knows her younger teammates are looking up to her for guidance.

But while they are watching her, Kaufman is looking up to another teammate of her own: a freshman - Elin Arvidsson.

"We all love Elin," Kaufman said. "She's a great leader. Even me as a junior, I want to be like her in certain aspects."

Arvidsson comes to Tech this year all the way from Sweden. There, she placed second at the Swedish National Match Play Championship and won the Swedish National Team short game title.

Although Arvidsson was a talented golfer in high school, she was actually the one to seek and contact Tech about playing on the team. She said after living in the northern part of the world, she wanted to golf at a university in the south. She researched school locations and rankings, then decided on Tech.

"I like it a lot," Arvidsson said. "It is a very good opportunity for me, especially to learn the language, travel with the team, and get an education. I really like that the coaches and team is taking care of me very good."

There's good reason to take care of Arvidsson. Coach JoJo Robertson said not only is the freshman a great individual player (she has posted two top-30 finishes so far this spring), but her positive disposition on the course is contagious.

"She's one of the hardest workers I've ever been around," Robertson said. "She has a great attitude and will do whatever she can to get better."

Working diligently on golf is something Arvidsson said she picked up in Sweden. She went to a small boarding high school and said their golf team practiced a lot.

During her high school experience, she developed the mentality that the only way to be good at golf is to practice, and hard.

"I think Elin being on the team will be a big part of us getting to nationals this year. She's so positive, and she's very competitive, and I think that brings a lot to this team."

"That is what I bring to this team," Arvidsson said. "I'm trying to practice as much as I did at home, and even more."

Practice would be no fun without a positive attitude, though, and Arvidsson said she does her best to bring a smile to the course each day. Her goal is to make everyone feel good about their game and about being part of the team.

Arvidsson said it's easy to spread the cheer, because the team is small, personal, and like a family.

"We all get along very good together," Arvidsson said. "It's amazing to have that kind of team that I respect them and they also respect me."

Arvidsson said her teammates encourage and help each other each day in order to reach a common goal - qualifying for the NCAA Championships, something Tech has only done once in school history.

Sophomore Hannah Arnold said she strongly believes the team will make it this year. If they do, she knows of one teammate she will credit for the achievement.

"I think Elin being on the team will be a big part of us getting to nationals this year," Arnold said. "She's so positive, and she's very competitive, and I think that brings a lot to this team."

The team may not be the only ones advancing in the future, Kaufman said. She believes Arvidsson alone will make huge strides in her golfing.

"She is going to have a great career, I know that," Kaufman said. "I think everyone does."

Until then, the women plan to keep practicing as much as they can, and Kaufman said she is so thankful Arvidsson is along for the ride.

"We're just all so excited for her to be here," Kaufman said. "You're not going to find anyone on this team that doesn't say the exact same thing. She's been great for sure."




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