Tour de Canada: Lady Raiders Wrap Trip to Whistler

The Lady Raiders concluded their trip to Canada with a rafting trip Thursday.

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Aug. 24, 2012

Throughout the Texas Tech women's golf team's tour of Canada this week, TexasTech.com will provide daily updates of the happenings north of the border coming from one of the Lady Raiders themselves. Today's blog update comes from senior All-American Gabby Dominguez, who described the team's rafting trip on the final day in Whistler.

We embarked Thursday on a morning white-water rafting adventure located in the beautiful Squamish and Elaho rivers. We were pretty pumped to be taking part of something new and exciting for our final day in Canada. We were met with the warm welcomes by our raft guides and were suited up quickly with insulated wet suits and life jackets to get us safely through journey.

Before we knew it, we were on the rafts paddling through raging rapids as well as trying to keep ourselves from falling out of the raft! The ride was exhilarating, scary, and also very fun. We rafted for a total of 12 miles using the help of our guide and, most importantly, we supported each other to keep paddling and enjoy the ride. The water was fed by nearby glaciers and was freezing cold; however, that didn't stop us from taking a quick dip to feel for ourselves how cold it really was. By the end of the journey, we were all wet and quite cold, but had a great time with great support from each other which helped to complete our adventure with much success.

All in all, our trip to Canada helped to bring us closer as a team while having an awesome time. We can't wait for the upcoming season to start.

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The Lady Raiders played the Nicklaus North Golf Club Wednesday in Canada.

Aug. 23, 2012

Wednesday was the day of our big match against four guys who belong to Nicklaus North Golf Club. Nicklaus North is also the course we played. It is a fantastic golf course that Jack Nicklaus designed, and it is located just outside Whistler so we had time to warm up at the practice facility before we played. We played our four scores against theirs and we were the winner of the match. All of us appreciated meeting these guys and they gave us some ideas for what to do this afternoon.

We had some time after a late lunch so we decided, with the advice of the guys, to try zip lining. Zip lining is pretty much going from one tree to another over a river in a harness attached to a cable at least a couple of hundred feet over the ground. We had two guides with us which felt very good. There were many different ways to ride the line across. Some went upside down, and some holding the rope as hard as possible with closed eyes.

I am very scared of heights and I was very skeptic when the guys started to talk about being in the air and that we cannot control anything. But, I decided that I really wanted to take the chance to try. I thought I was tough and that it couldn't be too bad. But, when we actually should jump from the stairs I wasn't so brave. I did all of them and it felt very good after. I'm so glad that I didn't take off my helmet and walk back down. I also want to say thanks to the team, who all helped me a lot today. Next time I will flip around and go upside down!

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The Lady Raiders took a bike ride and canoe trip through the Canada mountains Tuesday.

Aug. 22, 2012

Tuesday was an adventurous day for our team. We signed up for a pedal and paddle tour, but really had no idea what we were in for. We started the day at 9 a.m. at the bike rental store where we got our bikes and met our tour guide. After everyone finally got situated and facing the right direction (lets just say it has been awhile since any of us have been on a bike), we were off.

The first part of our three-legged trip was about a 45-minute bike ride through the forest and along the Whistler Golf Club. It was a great morning and we enjoyed beautiful scenery the entire way. We started out very strong, but a few hills and a few miles later we all knew that the Tour de France was not in our future.

When we reached the lake, we started the second part of our tour - canoeing. If we all learned one thing today, canoeing isn't for the weak. This was a three-hour journey across a lake, through a winding stream with bushes and trees hovering on each side, and across another lake for the finish. At one point or another, we all found ourselves either rowing backwards, rowing in circles, or head first in a tree. Nonetheless, we found it amusing and had a great time doing something that none of us had ever done before. It was hard work but we all felt a great sense of accomplishment when we finished.

The last part of our trip was another bike ride back through the forest. This trail took us into a deeper part of the woods and our tour guide showed us some markings on trees that bears had left, and even a bear's den from last winter. After it was all said and done, our trip was a total of five hours. Now that's a workout!

We enjoyed Whistler Village in the afternoon with a nice lunch and a bit of shopping. Although exhausted, we never seem too tired to try on some new clothes. Tomorrow we will play Nicklaus North, and I think we are all excited to get back on the course.

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Hannah Arnold poses after sinking her first career hole-in-one on Monday.

Aug. 21, 2012

The first full day of the trip started off with a morning tee time at the Chateau Whistler Golf Club, a golf course set upon a mountainside with tree-lined fairways and clear streams throughout the area. The temperature was perfect for playing.

One great note of the day included my first hole-in-one on No. 10 with a gap wedge!

The excitement did not stop there! After a lunch break, we took a peak-to-peak adventure in a gondola up to the top of Whistler Mountain. From the top of the mountain, we had a fantastic view of numerous snow covered mountaintops and millions of trees that scattered all over the region. Words cannot describe how beautiful the views from the mountaintops were. Unfortunately, the many pictures we took on the gondola trip did not give the landscape justice.

The day came to a close after we toured Whistler Village and ate dinner. Tomorrow, we will be going on a peddle and paddle tour, which sounds to be an awesome time!

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The Lady Raiders checked in at Whistler Sunday afternoon.

Aug. 20, 2012

We started our trip bright and early Sunday morning at the Lubbock Airport. Five hours later we finally touched down on Canadian soil in Vancouver where our final destination to Whistler was just a short two-hour drive away.

We drove up and down beautiful mountain scenery rarely seen in the United States. The tall trees, snow covered tops of the mountains, and the lakes made the drive very much enjoyable and exciting.

Upon our arrival in Whistler we began looking for the nearest golf course to get a good days of golf work in. The course was also home to a family of black bears, which frolicked on the driving range while we hit golf balls. Afterwards, an appetizing BBQ dinner awaited us!

Tomorrow, we will begin our morning tee time at Chateau Whistler Golf Club.

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