Sophomore Forward Janine Beckie Q&A

Texas Tech sophomore forward Janine Beckie.

by Nick Tam
Special to TexasTech.com

Aug 16, 2013

The No. 24 Texas Tech soccer team opens its 2013 season with an exhibition match at No. 25 Denver on Saturday. TexasTech.com's Nick Tam caught up with sophomore forward Janine Beckie after practice this week to get a glimpse into fall training and preview the highly-anticipated season. Beckie is a preseason All-Big 12 forward and led the Red Raiders in scoring last season with 14 goals as a true freshman.

TexasTech.com: You turned in a breakout rookie campaign in 2012, how do you plan to transition that success into this fall?

Janine Beckie: I always want to do better than I did last year. I'm excited to be challenged especially since people kind of know who I am now, and have more expectations for me.

TexasTech.com: This last season has definitely put Texas Tech soccer on the map. How excited is the team for this season?

Beckie: Oh yeah. I think we're just jumping to get into our first game and everyone is 100 percent active in practice. We know that we can make a big difference, and will be playing bigger games which I think will make us perform better. We have the players, we have the fitness, and we have the skill to do that. Now that we have this, we need to take advantage of it and perform like we can.

TexasTech.com: You're going back home against The University of Denver for your team's first exhibition game. This being a homecoming for you, does it motivate you that much more for this first game?

Beckie: Yes, it's great to get to play in front of them and nice playing at a stadium that I grew up watching games at. My brother played at The University of Denver, and I've had the opportunity to watch him play there as well. It's more than just having family and friends watching you, it's memories and wanting to create more memories there. I feel blessed to get to go home since not everybody does and we can show Denver and my family what we have and hopefully we can come out with a win.

TexasTech.com: Denver being who they are, one spot below Texas Tech in the NSCAA Preseason Rankings, do you believe this more of a test or just another game for you all?

Beckie: It's definitely a test. It's a test of where we're at, it's a test of our fitness, it's a test to see if we are ready to play in our Big 12 games. Every game is important this season and the team feels it's very important to do well against tough opponents. Denver is exactly the opponent we need for our first game.




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