Q&A With Senior Jessica Disabella

Jessica Disabella has scored two goals in four matches for the Red Raiders.

Sept. 6, 2013

by Kelsey Buckner
Texas Tech Athletics Communications

LUBBOCK, Texas- The Texas Tech soccer team is set to continue its season long five-match homestand tonight against Cal State Fullerton. Senior Jessica Disabella sat down with TexasTech.com's Kelsey Buckner to discuss the Red Raiders thoughts on the season through Friday. Disabella has scored two goals in four matches including a game-winner against New Mexico in the season opener.

TexasTech.com: As a senior, what do you look forward to most this season?

Jessica Disabella: I just look forward to making it the best season that I can, and just making my last one the best one - that's what we always say.

TexasTech.com: How will you go about making this year different than the previous years?

Disabella: It's just a lot more pressure knowing it's your last year, and we just have to be leaders of the team. Nobody has more urgency as a senior because it is the last year you may ever play competitive soccer.

TexasTech.com: With the 3-1 start of the season and win over New Mexico, how does the team plan to move forward with the season?

Disabella: We just have to come out ready for every game, just come focused on that game. We are hoping to go undefeated for as long as we can. We really should be able to win every game throughout the season. I feel like we're capable of that.

TexasTech.com: How will you prepare for today's game against California State Fullerton?

Disabella: Well, the last game was sort of a wakeup call for the team, and it made us more focused this week knowing we have to be more prepared and have a high intensity in the game, and be more focused and be able to hold onto a lead in the last few minutes of the game.

TexasTech.com: How did it feel scoring your first game-winner since 2011 at the New Mexico game?

Disabella: It was amazing because it was the first game of my senior year. It was a great start, it was a good game - a hard game - it was just awesome to be able to finish it. We had a lot of chances throughout the game, but it was awesome to be able to finish it - the best feeling.

TexasTech.com: Your team is about to play six straight games away, how do you plan to be a leader during that stretch?

Disabella: We have different ways of keeping everyone focused when we are gone and when we are out of town. We are just in the hotel room focused on soccer, so I think that in a way, being home and being away have different advantages. When you're away you're just with your teammates thinking about soccer. You're not with your families, you go out to eat together, and you're just focused on soccer.

TexasTech.com: What do you think will be the motivation on the road?

Disabella: It's big to be a good away team - it's good to be able to win away from home. Just to not let another game go like we did last weekend because it was a real heartbreaker for us. I think we're going to remember that and be able to get motivated from that.

TexasTech.com: How have you seen the program grow or improve over the past three and a half years?

Disabella: We're more focused as a team. We know that soccer is the most important thing, and we've raised the standard every year. We've done that by raising the standards for the fitness test, behavior of people on the team keeping focused mentality - just making sure everyone is accountable at practice.

TexasTech.com: Do you think that improved through the team's leadership?

Disabella: Yeah, because it's a growing program, we are coming from not being one of the top teams to being one of the best ones. Just standards have to change by the way you practice and the different things you do - you just make adjustments and have to try to figure out what will be the best for the team.

TexasTech.com: What are your individual/team goals?

Disabella: Our No. 1 goal is the Big 12 Championship. We totally expect that after this year. We want it so bad and we definitely can get it this year. Individually, I still have things I work on off the field. I am playing a new position, and to just be the best I can be with different things like getting 




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