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Feb. 16, 2010

LUBBOCK, Texas - Sophomore infielder Skyler Peterson enjoys creative writing so we've asked her to chronicle what it's like to be a member of the 2010 softball team for us from time to time throughout the season. The perspective of a collegiate student-athlete's life through her own eyes. We call it: Sky's View.

SKY'S VIEW - Feb. 16, 2010
We're headed to the fields to finally play our first game. The atmosphere is awesome--we're all psyched to get out that field and put on display how hard we've worked thus far. You've got Logan yellin' here we go boys! (Don't get scared now, none of us are boys... maybe only the team would understand this one!) Then we have Leah with her calm and corky being telling us "the time is now," reminding me of some sort of thing the wise owl on Winnie the Pooh would be telling us in this situation.

Above all this we were an emotional bubble, full of excitement, a bit of nerves, and plenty of confidence. (For all of you who maybe didn't follow us this weekend know that we ended up 4-1.) As Coach Hays told us, that's something we can poke our chests out about-at least for a little while, because we know that as soon as we take the field again, that's in the past and we're only focusing on the upcoming battle.

This weekend had plenty of highlights and many players shined, but, the one I can't go without mentioning is freshman Mikey Kenney. Wow. Coincidentally the first day of the tournament was also her birthday and what a way to celebrate it--in her first collegiate at bat the girl goes yard! She was a force the whole weekend making awesome plays out in center and jacking a total of three bombs! If that's not ballin' right there I don't what is!

If anybody had any doubts about our pitching staff I believe this weekend went a long way toward clearing any of them up. Every pitcher we put out there did a great job--hitting their spots, getting ahead, and making the occasional batter look like a fool... ah those changeups! (by far my favorite part.) I also came to the conclusion that the only "broken" pitcher we'll have this time around is well, just Ashley Brokeshoulder, because AJ is back.



The bats were on fire this trip as multiple girls dropped bombs and we went on to tie our program's record for most home runs in a single game, with 5 against Southern Utah. One tournament in, and we're already marking up the books... pretty good future I'd say! Our team definitely came out on the hunt for some wins and with the intense team effort we got exactly what we wanted.

I'm very proud of the way we played together and how we fought no matter the circumstances, I think we'd all agree that after this trip we're even more excited to get back out on the field. Hey, this next time, we get to be at home.

Tech Softball leaves Arizona 4-1... how about them guns?

Until next time,

- Skyler #17


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