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Q&A With Kenna Kilgo




Freshman Kenna Kilgo talks about her transition.

Oct. 17, 2011

Kenna Kilgo, a five-star recruit out of high school, is a freshman tennis player from Waco, Texas. Kilgo graduated from Midway high school in just three years before coming to Texas Tech.

Texas Tech Athletics Communications: What went into your decision to graduate high school a year early?
It was mostly for the tennis aspect of it.

What were the reactions from your family and friends when they learned that you wanted to begin your college career early?
My parents definitely supported that. My friends understood also. We are really close and we live really close together and so it was kind of hard telling them that I was leaving, but I think they understand. I talk to them all the time and it's not too far away from home.

You were a heavily recruited tennis player out of high school, why did you chose Texas Tech over the other schools that showed interest in you?
Definitely the coaches. Both are awesome. Their personalities are very similar to mine. They're really awesome, and the girls on the team too. Everyone gets along so well. It's awesome.

What do you enjoy most about Texas Tech so far?
I like living on my own. That is definitely my favorite part. I get to live in the apartments with some of the girls on the team. So that is really fun.

What is it like being on a team with girls that you live with and practice with?
It's definitely a lot better. It also just helps in general having girls that if I need help, I can always go to them and we're all really close. They are always there for you. It's helped social and school wise, they look to help out, studying wise they give you tips.



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