Oct. 6, 1997

Quoting Texas Tech Volleyball Coach Jeff Nelson

Weekly Monday Press Conference (October 6, 1997)

Opening Comments

"They were two tough losses this weekend. In particular, the Texas game this weekend. We were ahead in three games of the four games. We couldn't follow through and close it out and lost the match 1-3. I don't think we could have had a better opportunity in my three years here to knock them off, so that was very disappointing. I don't think either team played terrifically but that certainly was the best chance to beat them in the last three years. We didn't get great performances from our senior leadership or Lisa Hilgers. She had kind of a tough weekend. She bruised her rib in practice on Friday running into a table going for a ball. I think it bothered her all weekend."

"Against Texas A&M, I think they're just a really great team and right now, they're just better than us. I don't think we're ready to beat them. They're led by four seniors, they're outstanding and right now, they're just a better team than us. We had some opportunities, I was glad we competed well but dissapointed that we couldn't hold onto leads."

"What's coming up, we're at Kansas Friday night and at Kansas State on Saturday. Kansas State has been in and out of the rankings. I think they'll be two good matches. We think we can go on the road, play well and hopefully get a few wins to get back on track. This team has always been good about bouncing back quick and being able to beat the teams we expect to beat. I think this weekend, we expect to win both matches and we'll certainly put in a hard week of practice."

On Nelson's opinion of Texas A&M

"I think Texas A&M can be in the final four this year. I chose them to win the Big 12 Conference this year. They're an outstanding team with a real good vision this year. They have four seniors and they've been in the tournament every year, so they've got to be a little more motivated this year than past years. You live and die with your outside hitters and I think they've got the best tandem of outside hitters in the country in Stacy Sykora and Kristie Smedsrud. Both of them made the World University Games team and they pass the ball really well. They're going to be there- there's no question about that. They've built up for this year and I think this is their year and I hope they do."

On Lisa Hilgers' injury:

"It's not anything major. It's just any time you're the setter and lift your hands to stretch out to deliver the ball, she's feeling it every time. We'll probably take it easy on her today and tomorrow. She's fine and she's tough. She played last year with a wrist problem for over half the season. As a freshman, she sprained her ankle as our only setter and she played through it. She's never been taken out because of an injury."


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