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2005 Reporting Photos

Aug. 11, 2005

The 2005 Coaches and Staff (l-r): Kourtney Dunnam, Ebony Henderson, Mike Moffitt, Nancy Todd, Doug Babington, Karen Bush and Chelsea McCulough.

The Freshmen (l-r): Laura Gottschalk, Michelle Flores, Aidan Mooney and Holly Hicks.

The Sophomores (l-r): Lindsey Louis, Amanda Hiller, Emily Ziegler and Amy Charlebois.

The Juniors (l-r): Kattie Turner, Robyn Bucy, Philister Sang, Jamye Pauley and Kiley Lyons.

The Seniors (l-r): Desiree Batista and Brianna Florus.

The 2005 Team, Coaches and Staff.



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