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Oct. 9, 2000

"I didn't think we performed very well this week. It was kind of disappointing. Getting the awards of working hard for four or five, eight weeks counting preseason, we decided we'd kick back instead of kicking it into a higher gear, which is what we were hoping would happen."

"We played Oklahoma on Wednesday, and we won 3-0, but Oklahoma didn't really come in and challenge. They didn't play their best. It wasn't what I would call a great volleyball match. I certainly happy to get a three-game win. They didn't help in preparing for Saturday. And Saturday [against Colorado] was a match we should have won in four [games]. We had seven match points in the fourth game against Colorado."

"I really feel like we probably made a couple of mistakes in our setting choices. We needed our seniors to push through. We had three or four swings for the win. They needed to go out there and lead the way. That didn't happen. So we've got some definite things to work on."

"It was a very, very disappointing weekend. That was not a team we should have lost to. I think when we didn't pull the fourth game out, when we had seven match points, we were still in shock in the fifth game. It just got away from us. The rally scoring just makes the game go fast. Probably we were still replaying the fourth game in our heads, unfortunately."

"We did see some nice things this week. Melissa McGehee, our sophomore rightside hitter, continues to improve and step up. She's really been playing fantastic the last few weeks. She's raising her stats in the Big 12 in some of our toughest matches. She had a great match on Saturday and came up with 25 kills for us and was player of the week for us for the second week in a row. What we do the next few weeks is really going to be focused on her playing well and getting her a lot of balls, and a lot of good swings."

"This week coming up, we're at A&M on Wednesday. We've had some luck down there. We've won two of the last three years, and feel like that's something we can do again. It's going to be another long, hard match, like most of these have been. A&M is a very good team. They're ranked 23rd in the nation right now. I think they're similar to us right now in that they're playing up-and-down a little bit. We need to go in and put our best match of the season together and get a win down there and get back on track after what happened Saturday."

"Then next Saturday, game time has been set for 1 p.m. Nebraska will be [ranked] No. 1, and they'll be undefeated. We think that's a huge opportunity to have a great match and to have one of the best teams in the country in and take a good run at them. I think we've been preparing for that all season long. We're excited about this week. It's a tough week for us, but it's a week for us to play some good teams, pick the level of our game up and hopefully that will carry us through the end of the first half. We just have three games left in the first half. We finish with Iowa State next week."

"I'd like to see some good matches this week, us really pick up our level of play, the speed of our game. I think Colorado played a real slow game, and we slowed down our offense instead of forcing our own pace and controlling the match."

"I think what we see happen is we play not to lose instead of to win. Even though we've won a lot of matches, that still haunts us a little bit. Our team is still pretty young. There are a lot of times there's only one senior on the floor. The conference parity and the parity across the nation is so strong that I think there will be a lot of long matches. There have been in other conferences, as well. There have been a lot of upsets. By the end of September, we changed No. 1 teams four times, and they all lost to teams ranked below 15 or unranked teams. Five and 10 years ago, that didn't happen in our sport. The parity is great. I think it's good for the players. Every team has a few premier players. I think every team has a chance to win every night if they show up, but it's probably going to be a long battle."




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