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Nov. 6, 2000

"We had, at times, a good week. It was a but inconsistent. We had to play four matches in eight days, which is really a lot. I thought we played particularly well against Texas. I thought we played a pretty good match up at Kansas State last weekend. In between, we had UTEP, which I thought we played a little bit inconsistent. Saturday at Missouri it was a pretty good match. We had two or three people show up to play. The scores were close. The match was pretty long. We need to have more people show up all at once, and that's something we talked about in the Texas match. Everybody came out and played. It was a great win for us. It was the first time we swept the series against them in school history. Everyone was real excited about that. We go to Missouri and have a chance to jump back up from fifth in the conference to a tie for second, and we only had a couple of people show up to play. Colleen Smith played really well all week. Heather Hughes played well. We struggled a little bit in the setting position, and obviously, you can't there. Melissa McGehee has been a little bit high and low the last couple of weeks, and she's been a go-to all year for us. We've got to find a way to get her leveled out for these last couple of weeks.

"I thought the Texas match was as good a match as we've played all year. We played solid all the way through. If we can find a way to sustain that, it would be really, really good. I was happy with the way it went. It was a television match. It showed well for us on television. I was real happy with the whole thing.

"Probably the highlight of the whole week is that Colleen Smith is starting to play better. She's had three or four matches in a row where she's back on form and really putting the ball away. Her kill average is starting to rise again. It had dipped for about three weeks, and now it's going back up at a pretty good rate again. We need that, and we need her in the home stretch and in the NCAA Tournament to be a go-to player for us. And she looks like she's getting back on form, and that's probably going to be a key for us in these last couple of weeks."

"Our schedule is interesting the last couple of weeks because on one side we play Nebraska and A&M, the first and second place teams, and on the other side we play Oklahoma and Iowa State, the bottom two teams. We've got some matches we have to win, and then we've got a couple of chances I think to do something really good and maybe move up. We're ranked fifth in the Central Region. If we could knock off A&M, maybe we could move up a couple of spots. Fifth is about where we're at, and barring some big change, it's about where we'll finish. We've been there for the last six or eight weeks."

"We have Kansas on Wednesday night. Kansas is playing very well right now, surprisingly, because they're kind of out of the hunt. Yet they've taken that spoiler roll and they knocked Baylor of 3-0 the other night. They're a good team. We won in five [games] up there, and we're hoping we can take care of business a little quicker down here and play a little more consistent. They're led by Amy Myatt, who's an outstanding outside hitter. She's second or third in the conference in hitting. And they have a very good setter, moves the ball around well. Their rightside player, Nancy Bell, is their emotional leader. It will be key for us to get her out of the match."

"We feel like this is a week where we can get two wins and get things rolling for the last eight days of the season, because we're down to about 15 or 16 days."

On Ann Romjue "She rolled her ankle way back in the first Big 12 game, and we sat her out some and she got better. And she's rolled it twice again in the last two weeks. Unfortunately, she's our emotional leader. She's the person out there who will get in people's faces and say, "Get it done.' We don't have the luxury of sitting her out. We've popped her in and out and given her rest. We certainly let her rest in practice and don't let her take too many jumps. It's a reoccurring injury. She has a deep bruise on her ankle bone, and it's not going to cure until she's got a couple of months off is what I've been told. We're just trying to push her through it. She's really struggling. She's still playing great defense. She's like third in the conference in defense, and passing the ball and serving well for us, and giving us that emotional punch that we need. Offensively, it's been really tough for her, because she was so much more involved last year in our offense."




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