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Jones AT&T Stadium

Jones AT&T Stadium

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Stadium Facts

Name: Originally named Jones Stadium for former Texas Tech president Clifford Jones and his wife, Audrey, the name was altered prior to the 2000 season to Jones SBC Stadium and since has been renamed to Jones AT&T Stadium, thanks to a significant partnership with that company.

Capacity: 52,702

Stadium Record Attendance: 56,158 - Oct. 28, 2006; Texas Tech vs. Texas

First Game At Jones AT&T Stadium: Nov. 29, 1947; Texas Tech vs. Hardin-Simmons

First Game On Artificial Turf: Sept. 12, 1970; Texas Tech vs. Tulane

Texas Tech Success At Jones AT&T Stadium: Through 2007, in 60 seasons, the Red Raiders are 309-154-13 at home.

Consecutive Home Games Without A Loss: 8, beginning Sept. 16, 1995, with a 41-14 win over Missouri and ending Oct. 19, 1996, with a 24-10 loss to Nebraska.

Winning Seasons: Texas Tech has had 41 winning seasons in 60 years at Jones AT&T Stadium. The last team to go undefeated at home was the 1995 squad with a record of 5-0.

Game Attendance
Average Home Attendance (Since 1959)

2007451,91155,491Texas A&M
2005750,97255,755Texas A&M
2001646,10152,649Texas A&M
1999545,89453,513Texas A&M
1998643,25650,647 Texas
1997641,90650,513 Texas A&M
1996545,31751,344 Nebraska
1995539,21851,205 Texas A&M
1994632,03245,591 Texas
1993533,31850,748Texas A&M
1992639,73550,741 Texas
1991637,90550,577 Texas A&M
1990543,47650,276 Texas
1989637,98350,743 Texas A&M
1988535,80349,682 Texas
1987731,13242,625Texas A&M
1986637,71944,820 Texas
1985636,39250,148Texas A&M
1984636,83950,722 Texas
1983639,45952,109Texas A&M
1982543,31152,041 Texas
1981641,39850,081 Texas A&M
1980741,57850,132 Texas
1979646,08352,991Southern Cal
1978545,28654,012 Texas
1977543,55755,008Texas A&M
1976643,36654,187 Texas
1975639,58452,254Texas A&M
1974641,73851,082 Texas
1973639,41250,102 Texas A&M
1972638,87652,187 Texas
1971536,91444,380Texas A&M
1970644,47653,124 Texas
1969539,15049,000Texas A&M
1967540,97848,240Texas A&M
1966634,70848,155 Texas
1965735,97945,619 Baylor
1964637,15547,100 Texas
1963632,33338,000Texas A&M
1961622,58338,500Texas A&M

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