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United Spirit Arena
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In early 1999, Texas Tech University will welcome the new home for Red Raider victory ... the United Spirit Arena. Energized by a $10 million donation from United Supermarkets, the dream for this $51 million facility will soon become a reality. Join us. When you invest in a Personal Seat License, you uphold the Texas Tech legacy of victory ... with every dollar invested in this world-class facility. Through the continued support of Red Raider champions like you, we will enter this new era with the momentum of champions. The United Spirit Arena ... where victory has a new home.

Why the United Spirit Arena

The decision for Texas Tech University to build the United Spirit Arena, a state-of-the-art, approximately 15,000-seat facility, was based on a wide scope of factors including timing, need and support. Red Raider coach James Dickey and Lady Raider coach Marsha Sharp established nationally-renowned programs which simply outgrew the antiquated, 40-year-old Lubbock Municipal Coliseum. Sell-outs became the norm as Texas Tech soon proved it could compete for championships in the powerful Big 12 Conference.

About the same time, Chancellor John T. Montford arrived on the scene. His philosophy was that Texas Tech fans deserve nothing but the best. Teaming up with an aggressive-minded Board of Regents, Chancellor Montford quickly spearheaded a dazzling fundraising campaign, netting approximately $25 million for the construction of an university-owned-and-operated facility ... the United Spirit Arena.

Not only will the arena host top-flight college basketball and volleyball action against nationally-ranked opponents, but it will also house convocations, commencements, conferences, conventions, exhibitions, concerts and other entertainment and cultural events, as well as NCAA and Big 12 intercollegiate and high school athletic events.

Slated for completion in early 1999, the United Spirit Arena will serve as a showpiece for Texas Tech, Lubbock, and all of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico ... undoubtedly one of the finest on-campus arenas in the nation.

The United Spirit Arena

Imagine the Texas Tech basketball and volleyball teams playing in a modern arena that combines the spaciousness and accessibility of a state-of -the art athletics facility with the spirit of old Lubbock Municipal Coliseum. Imagine the best possible playing conditions for student-athletes and coaches, and the kind of spectator comfort and convenience found only in the finest athletic arenas. All of this will soon become more than a dream. It will be a reality in the United Spirit Arena!

The Personal Seat License Program

The Personal Seat License Program is an updated model of the old seat option program. It encompasses only the premium seats in the United Spirit Arena (approximately 25 percent of the arena's seating capacity). The program is designed to give Texas Tech fans an opportunity to secure premium seats for men's and women's basketball for a 10-year period.

The PSL program is extremely important to the university. The revenues from the PSL program are an integral part of financing the construction costs for the $51 million United Spirit Arena. Other major sources are donations, luxury suite rentals and student general use fees.

The cost of a seat in the Personal Seat License Program varies according to the seat area. There are four different PSL areas in the arena, with the per-season prices ranging from $125 to $400 per seat (not including the price of the game tickets).

Regardless of which payment option you choose to purchase your Personal Seat License, you must apply by January 31, 1998 to qualify for the first phase of the seat selection process.

The payment options are:

  • 20 percent down and nine equal annual payments.
  • 20 percent down and five equal annual payments.
  • 10-year lump sum payment up front.
  • 60-month bank financing provided by American State Bank.

    PSL holders who commit to the program by January 31, 1998 will be allowed to purchase as many PSL's as season tickets they currently own. However, during the initial seating process, no more than eight PSL's can be purchased in the Raiders area. Supporters who do not currently have season tickets will be limited to two PSL's in the Raiders area in the initial phase. If there are PSL's remaining after the first seat location phase, there will not be a limit to the number of PSL's purchased.

    The next step is for the PSL holder to select a general area in the arena. The four general areas are Raiders, Techsans, Matadors and Masked Riders. The prices vary, but $1,000 discounts are given in each area for PSL holders who purchase PSL's for both men's and women's games.

    PSL seat holders will choose their exact seats in an order which is determined by past support. This support is ranked by the priority point system. Once a general area is selected, the priority point system will determine the individual's order for seat selection. Points are accumulated through donations to the Red Raider Club (and the former Double T Connection) and to the United Spirit Arena, past season ticket purchases, basketball seat options, as well as major academic gifts, and other categories.

    The new arena will likely open after the 1998-99 basketball season is already underway. For that season only, PSL holders will be assigned seats in their desired general area by computer, using the priority point system. Then, before the first full season (1999-2000) in the arena, a "Picking Party" will be held for each PSL holder to select their seats. As an added benefit for missing part of the first season in the new arena, PSL holders will receive a complimentary 11th year, extending the program through the 2008-2009 season.

    There are other benefits to being a Personal Seat License holder. Priority ticket status will be given for all public events held in the United Spirit Arena. Plus, priority status will be granted for purchasing prime reserved parking at all arena events.

    Secure your place in Texas Tech history. Invest in the future of Texas Tech basketball while cementing your premium seating for a decade. With your help, the nation soon will know that the United Spirit Arena is the showcase of the Big 12 Conference.

    Tip-off is just around the corner. Please take your seat.

    Questions & Answers

    Q: I thought the United Spirit Arena was paid for. Is the Personal Seat License program really necessary?

    A: Extremely. The PSL program has always been a necessary component for financing the construction costs of the United Spirit Arena.

    Q: Is the cost of my PSL tax deductible?

    A: The PSL's are designed to be transferable. If you accept the ability to transfer, the University believes the PSL payments are non-deductible. If you decline the ability to transfer, we believe the PSL payments are 80% deductible. However, the University does not warrant such tax treatment. We suggest that you check with your tax advisor.

    Q: Can I sell my PSL at any time during the 10-year period?

    A: Yes. You may sell ownership of your PSL to another individual or company. The University will charge a transfer fee.

    Q: How much is the discount if I purchase a PSL for both men's and women's games?

    A: It is $100 per season regardless of the general area.

    Q: Can I still participate in the Personal Seat License program if I commit after January 31, 1998?

    A: Yes, if there are any PSL's remaining. However, those who commit by January 31, 1998 will have first seat selection rights.

    Q: How can I increase my point total under the priority point system?

    A: The quickest way to add points is to increase your giving to the Red Raider Club.

    Q: Why is there a limit on the number of PSL's for the Raiders area in the first phase of the seat selection?

    A: There are a very limited number of seats in the Raiders area. By limiting the number of PSL's available to each individual, more Texas Tech supporters will have the opportunity to purchase PSL's in this particular area.

    Q: What will happen to unsold seats, if there are any, in the PSL program?

    A: They will be sold on an individual game basis the week of the game at a price higher than what the PSL holder is paying per game.

    Q: Once I have selected my seat location, will I keep it for the remaining years of my Personal Seat License?

    A: Yes. The seat is yours for basketball games during the full contract period.

    Q: Where are the team benches located?

    A: They will be on the east side of the arena facing the Raiders area.

    Q: Why can't I purchase in the Techsans area for men's games?

    A: For men's games, the Techsans area and the south baseline have been designated as a student section. For women's games, the south baseline has been designated as the student section.

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